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A little arty

I'm no Captain Kirt (see his blog) but occasionally I like to draw things.

Here's me in a leather suit.

Blogger Mobile

At bloody last, Google have pulled their finger out with Blogger and are upgrading it to a mobile platform.

Another Fishy Rehearsal

We rehearsed again today. Preparing for Fortune Retelling next year - yes I know it's early, but when you're recording a gig it helps to be totally spot on.

Today we did the entire thing except 360, Random and This is Me (Part II)

Rainy Day

I have to say that rain outside sounds delightful.

A sad day, but a happy day.

So I did as promised and wore the suit. Everyone at the funeral was dressed brightly and there were quite a lot of people there.
David would have been proud and happy at being the centre of attention.

Funeral Today

So I'm currently sat in McDonalds having a quick coffee, before I go home and shower and suit up for the funeral of someone I went to school with. David Himan died a few weeks ago from metastasic prostate cancer. He had just turned 46 (same age as me).
I'll be in my brightest blue suit and brightest pink shirt for him. I just wish I could have got a rainbow tie at short notice, but alas I didn't think about it until today.