Locked in?

So something of a precedent happened today.

I visited my unit to pack some more stuff for my move, decided I needed a pee, and went to use the toilet.

However, my back door didn't open when I pulled it. Nothing.

This is my fire escape as well (shown as the purple door) but also is the only means of getting to a water supply.

Turns out the gympanzees upstairs have decided that because I'm not happy with their use of the building (in particular the way they keep leaving the stairwell) they would put brackets on my back door thus blocking my fire exit.

By allowing this to happen my landlord has defaulted on his health and safety requirements and I can now give immediate notice to quit with no prior warning, which I have given. It's actually worked in my favour to be honest as I can use it to get out of 4 weeks rent.

What they don't know, however, which I do know, is that in Mid November the fire officer visits the building for an inspection. I've had the letter because I have a registered address and I told them I was leaving anyway. He will likely put a prohibition notice on the top floor. As sure as eggs is eggs.

My office was also possibly going to be closed too due to the category 2 risks on the ground floor and lack of automatic fire detection.