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Great Band!

I was introduced to a mate's new band today. They're called Every Black Day. They're great! It's quite Gothy music but with elements of Steampunk.

Bloody Rip-off

My opinion of is severely tarnished.

They charged me £11 for a domain diversion.
What a flipping swizz!

Wordpress... not quite right

My Wordpress blog has expired. I was originally on a fairly large package, but found I wasn't using the storage or data. I opted to renew on a lower package but for some reason Wordpress won't let me! I can renew on the current package, or not at all.

I've emailed them about it, but for the moment I've backed up all my content to here just in case it goes tits up.

Luckily I have the domain for another year, so I can always point back here.

I have a soft spot for Blogger, to be honest, I just wish it had support for galleries.

Weird shit in Denaby?

I saw a strange road rage incident earlier today.Make of it what you will... It happens near the zebra crossing.

Rehearsing with the Fishes... Again!

Yesterday was our final rehearsal before the forthcoming Sheffield gig. We went through the usual stuff, and had a couple of runs through Delicate.

The decision stands that it is officially in the set!

Also compared body sizes... Paul has huge hands!

But short arms!

I wonder if that means he's a particular creature?

I also got a photo of us with the chimney

[wpvideo Wv6TaGH1]

But the short video was more fun!

Open at last!

We opened the MSAS Observatory earlier. The mayor and our local MP came down, as well as the local papers.

We had Paul Money and Dr Allan Chapman give short talks for us.

Unfortunately I had to bail slightly before the end due to having a gig.


Oh yes our annual return to Wardstock. A great little private festival with 6 bands playing.

We just did a short half hour set due to the nature of the event, but we went down well as usual.

I was very brave! I wore white jeans, and then spent the evening avoiding grass stains!

Adventures in Doncaster

So it was Jake's 27th on Saturday. He decided he wanted to go around Doncaster.

He also told me he was going to wear his new rose gold pvc jeans (ASOS, pretty much sold out now).

Not wanting to overshadow him I decided to go fairly vanilla - just a pair of jeans and an Oxford shirt. But when I jokingly said that I was thinking of wearing the PVC suit he said "mint!".

Ok, I followed his intention...

It wasn't too warm a day so I thought perhaps I could get away with it for a while.

We arrived in Doncaster and immediately I was a talking point. Loads of people commented on the amazing suit. Jake looked stunning in his outfit. Very metrosexual - quite flamboyant.

I was driving though so the only drinks I could have were Mocktails and low alcohol beers.

The night went as follows:

The Gatehouse -> The Wool Market -> The Gin Rooms -> The Red Lion

We left after the lion as my pvc suit was getting a bit clammy. It's a great looking suit but it's not really practical …

Alton Towers... Again!

You'd think I was addicted to the place, but Gaz and I traveled there again yesterday for the day.

We managed to ride 17 coasters including 5 rides on Smiler, 4 on Wicker Man, 3 on Nemesis, 2 on Galactica and 1 on each of Th13teen, Oblivion and RITA; plus the obligatory ride on Duel.

We missed out Spinball and Runaway Mine Train on this occasion.

Who wore it better?

Although it's an absolutely terrible film, this guy was the one who made me realise that three piece suits could be leather.

I saw him in it when he was in the audience at a celebrity comedy event - the host commented on it and he said it was costume from "Spice World - The Movie".

Of course I admired him in it very much and decided that I would own such an item.

Well it took me a few years, but eventually I did "the look".

I'm not quite sure who suits it better though?

A bloody hefty weekend!

Again a hefty weekend. It all started on Thursday when I did my talk for the Astronomy Club. It was called "Take it to the bridge" and was all about movie and game fictional space craft and if their technology could work.

Friday was a long day of fixed wire electrical testing. A seven board job with poor paperwork so I had to do a major investigation.

The journey home was a two hour slog due to major traffic problems across the county after a fatal accident at junction 34 to 35 on the M1.

The planned Rock the 80's rehearsal for that night didn't happen as you can probably guess.

Saturday was Hannah's auntie's 70th down in Oxford.

I wore white jeans. Then I remembered why I don't often wear white jeans! Mucky arse!

After arriving home at after 9pm and going to bed later than planned I had to get up the following morning for the Strangefish rehearsal. 7:30am on a Sunday is quite painful...

Arriving in Bury for 10 we spent most of the day running through the new so…

"I lost my phone"

I often see the phrase "I lost my phone" or "my phone was stolen" on Facebook, and I sigh a little when they then tag on "lost loads of photos of my xxx who died earlier this year".

Precious moments eh?

So, essentially, you're telling me that you keep all your precious family photos in the equivalent of a photo album you take everywhere with you? And you never think to take a copy of them? Or back them up?

Sorry if I sound intolerant, but there's a hard lesson here for the person who loses such a device.

Here's my top tips to have this NOT happen to you.

1. Lock it. Secure it. Encrypt it. A secure lock - fingerprints, with a good strong pin. You can set most new devices to require a pin on bootup. You can even get many to display a message on bootup such as "Stolen from...". That's the resale value immediately killed.

2. Make sure it's registered with your carrier. If it's a carrier locked device such as one provided by them it…