Of Giggage the First

I presume you're wanting to know how the first Strangefish gig went? After all the build up has been huge from my point of view. About 6 months since I joined the band and we're doing our first big gig.

Ok so the arrival time was rather early, 2pm, as is always the case with these things. Bob was later than the rest of us but soundcheck went incredibly smoothly. We ran through my most nerve wracking song "Progress in Reverse" and then disappeared off the stage for John Hackett and then Encircled to do their sound checks.

At 9:30 we took to the stage for my first gig with the new band. I can honestly say I've not been as nervous to take a stage in years.

Firing into the first song, Progress in Reverse, my nerves slipped by the wayside and confidence took over.

The only other tracks I really got nervous about were the Spotlight Effect tracks. I presume because it's the newest album for me I just don't know the songs as well as I do the material on Full Scale or Fortune Telling.

The evening finished on an absolute high, with some great renditions of the tracks and amazing inflatables throwing in Holiday.

The only sad thing is that Hannah and I have now lost a band we used to enjoy watching together because I've joined it.

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