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Strangefish Rehearsal the ER... Fifth?

So we are now dangerously close to our first gig in the lineup and I'm looking at it thinking "wow that's close!". It's next Sunday!

Yesterday was our final rehearsal before the gig and we had last runs though the material, tweaked a few bits, and generally played very well.

Unlike the last rehearsal where Steve was poorly we were up to full band again. All six of us.

To see the photos you'd think all we did was wore silly hats though!

We also discussed stage wear, which for the guys is an interesting concept. They've never really done the "specific" clothes before. Of course I have the Strange Fish trousers, and the Shark/Kitten shirt. But it's now becoming a confusing matter of what to do...

The problem with the strangefish trousers is that I can't actually find anything that goes with them! The shark shirt, on the other hand, makes anything you pair with it look ridiculous.

I have an idea though...



On this day four years ago...

It was the first time I went out in latex jeans in public! It was a gig. It was Jump at the CRS. I felt amazing and daring at the same time.

I've since been out in latex a few times, but hey, simple roots...

Too Jazzy?

New shirt. It's definitely... Noticeable.

See that? Thunder!

I hope they do actually amount to something. I love thunderstorms!

Floor update

Three coats of varnish later and the floor looks great.

I've now fitted skirting board, caulked and filled it.

The final step was a coat of paint on the skirting.

Final steps to be completed are a uPVC step and another coat of paint, before I give the whole area a full coat of paint next holiday.

For now, I've put a doormat down and a shoe rack in place.

The blood moon rises once again.

Please be careful Link!

Blood Moon Shrine

Of floors. And shit.

On Friday I was doing a little deep cleaning in the hallway; wiping walls down, skirting boards, getting the fluff hidden in the corners behind things when I hit one of the skirting boards with the vacuum cleaner and it split clean in two.

Distraught, I pulled the broken section out with the aim of glueing it back on, only to realise that it was full of little bore holes. Yes. We have woodworm.

Immediately, I pulled up the laminate flooring in there only to see one corner of the hall was riddled with woodworm bores. I then started removing the floorboards (which wasn't difficult as they pushed through - without the laminate flooring we would have known about this much quicker as the worms hadn't bored into the laminate.

After a quick assessment of the situation it was decided that the whole woodwork in the hall needed replacing immediately, and work needed to be done to preserve the stairs and prevent further damage.

I went to our local Jewson, bought the wood (tannalised joists j…

Long time(ish) no hear.

It's the sort of thing that happens when you're trying to set up a new society, as well as trying to learn 90 minutes of material for a new band.

I'm still around, and I'm still very aware that I need to keep blogging here.

In other news, my first proper post was April 2004. Yes. My blog is 15! Happy birthday, blog!

Oh shit.

A terrible terrible DIYer made a real mess of this installation.

Another Strangefish Rehearsal

After arriving home at 2am (3am BST after the clocks changed); I had to leave the house at 8:30 to be in Bury for 10 for a Strangefish rehearsal.

With eyes like the back end of a sheep I made it there in time.

Five of us rehearsed... We cracked through the whole set, and it sounded amazing.

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Amazing gig on Saturday!

My first gig at a stadium. Not quite what you think, but a private function raising money for Cancer Research.

The crowd was great, and boy did they dance!