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So a rapidly planned trip to Alton Towers worked out great.

I picked Gaz and Ana up at 8 at Meadowhall Park & Ride, we traveled to Alton Towers and then caught up with John there.

I rode:

Smiler (X2)





Runaway Mine Train

Wicker Man (X3)

Spinball Whizzer (x2)

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Of Brexit

In 5 years time we are going to look at this coming few weeks with either our face in our palms and a huge sigh, or with fear that we did the right thing and we have to keep the racists and gammons at bay to prevent it ever happening again.

Sadly I think it will be the former. I'm increasingly worried that unless the Tories actually seize power from the clearly deluded Teresa May, we will crash out with no deal and rapturous applause from about 6 million people who truly don't understand what Brexit is actually about.

Indeed, I had to correct one just last week when they said "we don't want them Muslims coming over here"...

Clearly they don't understand the religious demographic of Europe at all.

We'll see... Judging by the age of my blog I'm sure I'll still be here in 5 years to make a comment on this post.

One of my more unusual suits...

Sartorial Thursday has me in black velvet. Seriously. I've had this suit since 1997 and I used to wear it when I hung around with Joe Lazarus.

Since I've lost weight it's now fitting me again!

Updating the toughbook

I've dragged out the old CF29 as I'll be a laptop down in a few weeks.

The leased surface book is going back soon and I need to call back my old Surface Pro 3 to become my personal device. This means the mixing desk needs a laptop, and the toughbook seems to be perfectly apt.

It's rugged, water resistant, and great for plonking on a table in a club.

I've cleaned the screen up, and installed Linux Mint as the Winows XP on there is no longer supported. Sadly it hasn't got the resources for Windows 7 or above.

Mid partitioning.

I'll let you know how it all goes.

The End of the Weekend that Was - St Patrick's at The RS Bar

The weekend ended with an Ethryll gig at the Royal Standard. We met Jake there, and Martin joined us shortly after.

After setting up and having a short soundcheck I went and changed into my new jeans. They're amazing!

It's as if someone exploded glitter on them. Larry and Jake both approved!

Sadly it was time for a Larry to go so I walked him back to the station and saw him to the train. It was very busy around the station so I was glad I chose that option.

When I came back in Jackalope Tales, the opener, were playing. I didn't get to see very much of them but they were competent. American country music.

They finished and then Hollis took to the stage. Perfect for St Patrick's, being Irish and all, he did a selection of covers and original tunes.

Finally after a half hour set, we took to the stage and did our thing.

By the end of the set I was really flagging. Far too much activity and far too little sleep.

I did, however, have a great weekend for exercise! Over 15000 steps on…

That was the weekend that was... Part 2 - Entertaining Larry

Sunday was also predicted to be a busy day. Not a great amount of sleep, followed by a day around Sheffield entertaining a visitor from Seattle.

I've known LarryB online for many years now, through Flickr and Facebook, and also Instagram and Twitter.

When he said he was visiting the UK on a social visit we invited to take him around Sheffield.

He arrived in Sheffield at half past twelve and after a coffee in the Sheffield Tap, we headed up to the DaVinci exhibition at the Millennium Gallery.

Larry loved the steel gallery next door with all the cutlery exhibits.

After the gallery we walked up via the Police Box, Peace Garden and Barkers Pool and up to the cathedral for a quick look in there.

Finally, a team trip down to Kelham Island and a trip to see the River Don Engine running. He loved that!

A walk and tram ride later and we were in the Devonshire Cat for tea. Sadly the last few times I've been in the Cat I've been disappointed with the food. This time was no exception. Whilst…

And thus, that was the weekend... Part one.

You know every so often you get a few days when you wonder how the hell you survived it? Well this was that weekend.

I can't complain... It was all very much self inflicted by my being in three bands. Two of those bands had activity this weekend.


A full-ish day of work, follower by a gig in Sheffield. I picked up Odette at 7 and we proceeded to the venue to see John Hackett and Nick Fletcher play a classical concert. Not usually my thing, but I fancied a change.

At £10 I thought it was great value, so I paid, and because we were so close to the start arriving we took our seats at the back of a rather full room for what was to be 2 hours of beautiful music.

John was superb on flute as always, and Nick Fletcher's acoustic guitar was beautiful and so skillfully played.

We were treated to a selection of Baroque, Classical and Modern songs, many of which I knew, although I was introduced to a few pieces.

After the gig I briefly talked with John, but we couldn't hang around for …

Facebook is down...

So everyone's taking to Twitter to complain about it. Not me. I don't really like Facebook. I'm rather pleased.

I suspect there are families up and down the country talking about things over dinner rather than having their faces lit up by phone screens.

I did manage to post my outfit of the day photo before it baulked though. I say outfit of the day... It was actually yesterday.

Normal look has been achieved.

New work trousers. 36" waist.

Boosh and lemsip.

Full of cold now. My wife shares everything.

At least I've had a productive day though - I've booked a gig for SoPR! This Winter Machine and Under a Banner.

The day the dream ended.

Last night late on I heard the news. Something which had been part of my life for over 20 years was about to come to an end.The Classic Rock Society.1991-2019A few of us are gathering together to do something. We're not quite sure what, but all will reveal itself over the next few days.

Pancake Day

Hannah tried to make comedy pancakes.

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They were... Interesting.

Tasted good though and that's what matters.

Pie time!

I love Android updates.

Yet another awards night.

It was great to attend yet another awards night at the CRS on Saturday. It's been an annual tradition since the 90's; a band plays, some awards are given out, and then there's another band. Generally the band playing second will get an award or two (possibly because they're playing?) but it's all in good fun. The awards have a level of respect behind them, and everyone leaves happy.

But they don't.

I was really amazed to hear someone bitch that they're all "a fix". Why? Because he attended and didn't win anything? Well possibly...

I've been in the presence of others who have never won anything. And I often sit from a bassist point of view and think "seriously, you guys have the best bass when all they play is straight quavers all through each song?". Now I'm not a keyboard player. I'm not a guitarist. I'm not a drummer. But if we are basing it on technical ability I often thing the awards are not given to the right peopl…