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Rehearsal Day

I'll be over with the fishes later today. That should be fun!

Happy 50th Wayne!

It was my mate's 50th yesterday. He wanted to go and see Rocky Horrors and so we took him to the Lyceum to see the touring production.

He was ferried in style...

Apparently he'd never been in a Jag before, so when he asked to sit in the drivers seat I obliged if course!

His chosen meal was tapas (is that pronounced tapas or tapas? I'm never quite sure...). I've never had it before, and I must say I rather enjoyed it. Hannah wasn't quite as big a fan though - just because tapas isn't really her thing.

The comments on our outfits were great! Wayne in pvc jeans, latex top and mesh shirt; me in the ASOS PVC suit... Truly magnificent as we walked across Sheffield.

Upon arriving at the Lyceum, of course, you feel totally normal as you're surrounded by loads of men in drag, white y-fronts, gold hot pants, and other such outfits from the musical.

We had a great view of the stage from our seats (G7 to G9)

The performance was very good, although I have to say I wasn&…

State of this.

I've never known a more chilled cat than Lyra.


That grey car is parked believe it or not.
Some people really need to give their heads a bloody good wobbling.

New jeans

I don't quite know what to make of them. They're grey, but then the outer has been painted or coated with a really strange paint. I can't quite figure it out but it looks cool.

I have to say, though, the coating is really scratchy and not very nice to touch.

I think they'll be stage wear. Not sure which band with though, but the colour is definitely most suited to Ethryll.

Minecraft? How's it going...?

Ivybridge is starting to grow now. We have an observation tower and I've started on town walls too.

In case I ever feel like getting fat again...

I look at this photo.


I felt like dressing in my pvc suit today. It's out wedding anniversary and we're heading out. Perfect going out wear!

Teresa May defeated again.

Yet again, our totally useless Prime Minister has been defeated on a parliamentary vote. Once again, she remains on to battle on with the plan of leaving the EU; even though Labour is against her, and a huge section of her own party aren't there for her.#

When will she get the message and resign?

Cat Crack

I'd love to know what's in Dreamies that turns our girls into ravenous creatures. I've never known a cat not be like this with them.

Feeling pretty again

I always do when I've been to the barbers.
Haircut, full beard trim, shave. Feel sharp as hell.

I've also really noticed in the last few months how grey I'm going. My sideburns are pretty much pure grey now. I've also got patches under my mouth which are similar. I'm turning into a badger!

A bug?

I think I've found a bug in blogger Pro.
Occasionally even posting using it, the software fails to create a permalink. This means the post speed up, but when you go to click on the "read more" link the blog returns you to the home page.
Thankfully the fix is really easy. Just unpublish the post and then re-publish it. Blogger rebuilds the link and fixes the problem.

I love this idea.

I voted remain. For the record. I'm not defending my decision to anyone. I'll definitely pay £99 a year to have EU membership.


Wow, Kiwi Tokoeka, them's some nice trousers! He wore this outfit on Only Connect on Monday.

I have to say that like Kiwi I'm partial to the metallics. Indeed here's my current silver outfit...

Trousers - ASOS (ASOS design - now out of stock) Shirt - Amazon (search Cusfull silver shirt) T-Shirt - BHS (sadly BHS have now gone) Boots - River Island
But it's not the first metallic trousers I've ever owned as my photo archive shows; although I've got a gold shirt I've never owned a pair of gold trousers. Yet.

Outfit of the day

Suit : Burton
Shirt : Marks & Spencer
Tie : BHS (sadly BHS disappeared from our high street a few years ago)
Tablet : Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Selfie taken using the front camera on my Note 8.

A little bit of latex... A lot of blue.

First time I've worn this waistcoat in a while!
Shoes : Perfect For Clothing Latex Jeans : Cathouse Clothing Shirt : River Island Waistcoat : Matalan

Decent blogging software?

Has anybody managed to find some decent software to edit my blog?I'm using "Blogger Pro" on Android at present but it occasionally freezes when I open it, and worse still it's actually dreadful at formatting.I've also tried emailing stuff in, which works, but again the formatting isn't good.Finally, the official blogger software. It's dreadful!Any ideas? Please let me know. Personally I wish Google would give us a mobile editing system like WordPress; but I think that's a long way off.

A few changes around here.

1. Comments are now powered by Disqus. It makes it easier for you to subscribe and follow the discussion.2. The background is how dark blue. It just looks nicer.

A visit to the DaVinci Exhibition

An early birthday for Hannah. She wanted to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in Sheffield.
It was somewhat strange to realise that those pages in the exhibition were actual five hundred year old pages.

My favourite was his illustration of the circulatory system of the liver (the hepatic portal system).

A quick selfie too.

The perfect dippy egg?

So lush on a Saturday morning.

Strangefish Progress Update

I thought it was time I did a decent progress update on the Strangefish stuff, after all, it's now about a month since our first rehearsal.
First of all, full disclosure, this is honestly the most complicated material I've ever played. I've been in a prog band before (Manning) and his stuff was a doddle at the side of this.
I'm not Carl, nor am I Julian - I have quite a different style from both of the previous bassists and as such it's going to have my personal twist whilst still being an honourable hat-tip to the previous guys, both of whom I admire greatly.
So, here's the current state of play.
Full Scale
The songs I've learnt from the first album are
Shifting Sands & Turning Tides Listening to Ghosts Oceans Deep Take a Holiday
The only real struggle I had here is because this is the band's first full album and was obviously home produced the bass is sometimes unclear in the mix and occasionally I have problems picking out exactly what is going on…

It's the weekend.

If course it is. That's why I'm ready for bed at half past ten!

It hasn't happened in ages.

I felt like wearing my leather suit today. I don't know why, I just did.

Trousers & Waistcoat - Higgs Leathers Jacket - Direct Leather (now over 10 years old) Shirt - Marks & Spencer Tie - Marks & Spencer

I rather like this outfit.

The new shirt is from ASDA.

The jeans are Cathouse.

Boots are New Rock.

From the horses mouth - the end of Google+

Google are studying down G+ next month. It's a shame it didn't really take off as a platform as it had really good early potential at a time when Facebook was floundering.

Sadly, forcing people into the platform and then pulling people's photo collections in without them asking really didn't do it any favours.

Friends never came, people (including myself) drifted back to Facebook and Twitter, and G+ just became a ghost town with a few select devotees keeping the platform alive.

It shuts soon, and Google have now allowed various sharing and data removal procedures. I've already left, and I've already decoupled my blogger.

Farewell G+.

A couple of Instagram posts... Suited...

First from my nomenloony profile, the delights of the pvc suit.

Suit by ASOS; Shirt by BoohooMAN; Tie by M&S.

Second from my suit-wearing, dapper, influencer profile.

Suit by Burton; Shirt by M&S; Tie by Burton; Boots from Perfect Fit Clothing

Yes. I said influencer. Since realising that with a bit of care and attention on my appearance I can actually get quite a lot of views on my profiles (and rising) I thought it would be a good idea! Especially since monetisation is a thing.

Watch update!

I wonder what goodies this brings?

Another very musical weekend.

Friday's Allan Chapman talk was postponed due to the horrible weather (lots of snow) and so we had a nice night in the house.

Saturday, on the other hand, was set to be a very busy day. First, Mum's boiler is playing up, so I had to go and get that going again.

The afternoon was an early set-off. The gig was at Ackworth so not too far away (and because it was a self booking rather than an agent booking it was great to be able to negotiate our own terms).

Arriving at the venue at 3, we had 'til 5 to soundcheck as it was a surprise party.

Amusingly, we could probably have arrived a whole hour later! The event didn't really kick off until after half past six.

First set at 8 was a suited one. Blue suit. New shoes.

It was also a change of dry for us. Stay Together is now gone; replaced by Shallow (Lady Ga Ga). It was a good, well played set. Very enjoyable.

The second set was at half past nine. Blue shirt. PVC leather look trousers for this one.

I did manage an onstage self…