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Why Nomen Loony?

If you've been following me for a long time you'll know that my blog hasn't always been called - it was for quite a while (growing up with trifles, moretrifles and various dessert based names), mainly because I grew up near a speciality dessert factory and every single gathering, party etc was always accompanied by a higher bag of unbranded individual trifles. I like trifle.

But that's not what you were wondering... What the hell is nomenloony?

Well it's actually a misspelling of a misspelled word which is a pun, based in the 80's.

It all comes from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum game "Jet Set Willy". A very early platform game where you played Willy, a millionaire (since his treasure collecting antics of Manic Miner) who has a rather excessive party and ends up having to collect all the glasses and tidy up the house before Maria the housekeeper will let him go to bed.

The game was written by a guy called Matthew Smith and was re…

Millennial fire alarms!

Even the fire alarms these days are seeking acceptance.

12 years ago...

We've had to do a full replace on a fire alarm panel due to obsolescence. The parts are very difficult to obtain and the support from the manufacturer is, how shall I say, piss poor.

We've had to move a few quote around at the back of the panel due to things being repositioned inside it, although luckily we covered over the exposed wiring in the room behind with a simple wooden panel.

This is what we found when we removed the panel!

Simon, in case you're wondering, was this guy...

He was my apprentice in very different times. He helped me run quite a lot of rolls of cable to create this system back in 2007.
We signed the update, although I'm not proud of that wiring behind the panel, but as I said, it's because the locations of the holes have changed on the new system.

Minecraft newest house update

So I restarted my server. The old one wasn't a very good map - we were stuck on an island and resources were scarce.This new one, or Ivybridge as we're calling it, is much better. Extreme hills nearby, plenty of gold and diamonds, a few ship wrecks, and a spawner right under my house with skeletons in it.Here's my Almshouses style house. Nothing too huge, but big enough to have a decent size storage room, library and enchantment table, crafting areas, and some display stands for my more unusual stuff. We've also got a bothie near the edge of the desert for sleeping during sand collection trips.

I'm 8 again!

I love Rainbow Drops!

Burns Night at the RS Bar

Last night was my first gig of 2019. Ethryll had been asked to play Burns Night just before Christmas.

It started as a bit of a disaster. Jake's car was playing up so we had to pick him up from Warmsworth whilst his dad dealt with the AA. We finally made it to the RS Bar just after seven and met up with our support, the amazing Chris Butler.

We met Chris previously at One Mole For The Road last year and hit it off straight away.

Once we had set up and sound checked (all within about 20 minutes) we had a chill out and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Chris took to the stage at about 8 and played about 45 minutes. His stuff is politically motivated with a strong socialist agenda. I rather like his commentary on life; particularly the people he would love to put on his bus to oblivion including Katie Hopkins.

We then took to the stage ourselves. This was the longest we've ever played as Ethryll! Over an hour in total. The audience loved us. They danced loads, and our final track - 500 mil…