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Remembering my Roots

With all the excitement about the PVC suit, I seem to have forgotten my roots.

Today I went back to them.

There is something so nice about wearing my leather suit.

New Boots

River Island. £49.

I must say they're rather nice. They go very well with my BoohooMAN pvc trousers.


The World is a very different place since I blogged here last in 2015.

First things first; in 2015 I still had a Brother. Mark died of cirrhosis of the liver in 2016. The drink he loved so much claimed his life.

The other thing that has changed since 2015 is the world and the country. Brexit; Trump etc. It's all gone to shit.

But I'm consistent... even though I left Blogger a few years ago, what goes around comes around. Blogger is still a good platform; and to an extent it's better than Wordpress. Yes Wordpress wins on customisation; but it comes at a cost.

and so... it my tight-arse Yorkshire way; here I am. Back.

Gig Night

Last night's private party was a rather good gig. Ok, so the room was bijou - and as a result the stage area was very limited, but we managed to load in and set up in less than an hour, with a little more time to run through some of the newer tracks.

For the first set I wore the light teal suit... And even though I threatened to wear the PVC suit for the second set, I decided against it just because I thought the atmosphere wasn't quite right.

Backstage was a cupboard by the way, although being a hotel I don't expect anything more. They aren't usually set up for gigs and when the hotel is full, as this one was, they can't provide you with a room. I was thankful not to be changing in the toilets though.

It's business...

I'm a business owner. I've been quite successful over these last few years after a hell of a lot of very hard and very poor years.

From having a 20 year old Volvo and a beat up 15 year old van on the driveway we now have a brand new van with a private plate on it, and a rather nice powerful Jaguar estate.

I was recently criticised that "I'm charging too much" by someone. I then read articles in the papers about people who are in low paid jobs and complain about their wages.

The problem is, firstly, the government and benefits.


Benefits subsidise low wages. Nobody should be on less than the living wage; but by that token people who aren't willing to work hard to better themselves shouldn't be entitled to high wages.

But it's a vicious cycle of low cost and benefits for many businesses. Often a business staffing structure is built around benefits and the government subsidising low wages and if the national minimum wage was to rise the business w…