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Feeling a bit good in this.

I've always been a big fan of my leather suit... There's not many men who can pull off the look. I think I manage it.

Of course, comments are welcome.

Gig day!

It's at a rather nice spa this time. Ye Olde Bell. It's very popular around here especially as the facilities are supposed to be top notch.We loaded in... Set up on the rather bijou stage, and waited for the crowd too appear.It was a very private function with rather fancy food. Unfortunately none for us 😞 although we do always expect that... After all we're being paid, so I always take my own.Sitting outside at the outside bar was very lush though. It was quite warm until late so we could.Backstage consisted of a room especially reserved for us. It's amazing how valued you feel when a hotel does that for you 😃Two sets played in front of a nice crowd too! I have to say the new suit is looking very nice too.
Belinda invited a customer up on stage for Proud Mary... The customer was a little drunk...But she had loads of fun!So finally, we took our bow, packed down, and headed off after a very good and successful night.

I finished the set!

I now own all the Zelda Breath of the Wild amiibo.

My birthday!

I got a Colin the Caterpillar cake!

Pure Land & Hoober Woods on the Bank Holiday