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Goodbye old girl

My sooty van served me well, but it has to go to the big scrap yard in the sky now.

Tropicana again!

Our fourth time now.They've done a big refit. The dance floor has been raised, and the horrible bench seating has been replaced with proper tables and chairs.I really like it!

Amazing isn't it

Just a week ago we had snow on the ground. Now I'm in shorts!

New Suit

38" waist trousers. 46" jacket. XL waistcoat.

I bought this one from Matalan. It's testament to how much weight I've lost of late; especially as the whole suit is "slim fit".

I can't believe how good it looks - even though it was really rather cheap!

They're calling it the Beast from the East

It's given us about an inch of snow. Nothing too major. I'm glad we've got the Jag though with it's all wheel drive. Should make it easier if we do need to go anywhere.

I bet you never thought you'd see me like this.

Over the years people have worked out I've got a bit of a thing for shiny clothes, be they leather or PVC.

Well I've also got a decent latex collection too. All very classy. Nothing sordid or crass.

Here's my latex jeans and T-shirt. All from Cathouse Clothing.

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Shocked? Don't be. It's not that uncommon...

A new car

The old Volvo is dying sadly. It was a bit of an emergency purchase as we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. It hasn't been great.I got a decent trade in price though, and we're having one of my favourite makes of car! We get it at the end of the week.It's a Jag X-Type. 2.5 V6 engine. Very sweet to drive, rather perky and quick. Beautiful condition inside and out.Now I've got to get rid of the sooty van because this definitely isn't getting parked on the street!

Yeah I felt like it...

Sometimes spending a bit of time in latex is very therapeutic.

Going out in latex

There are certain perils and pitfalls about going out to gig in latex jeans. I've done it a few times (indeed I've played on stage in leather and pvc, but never latex). My day yesterday was a latex day... Rewind a few days...

Being forgetful me, I had totally forgotten that I had absolutely no latex shine left at all. Not a jot. My last bottle of vivishine was looking quite bleak and I don't think hitting it with a hammer would squeeze any more out of it.

Sadly, my only latex which is suitable for wearing out without some sort of shine is chlorinated, and since I've lost weight it looks like I've tied bin liners around my legs.

After the usual Saturday morning duties were done and dispensed with I decided I had to go to the shops; this would also include a trip to the biggest sex shop in the UK so I'm told (not too far from us!). I know they're a sex shop rather than a fetish suppliers, although I know they do the aerosol based silicon "rubbashine"…