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I just felt like it.

Weight loss is making these latex jeans a much better fit these days.

Look how well my suits are fitting me!

This blue one always used to be a bit tight. Not these days. It actually looks like it was made to order!

Looking good! Looking good!

The old pleated front leather trousers are now in the archive wardrobe. These are looking great on me!

Hannah's 40th

Hannah has always been the person in our house who has dealt with parties etc, but on this occasion I took this one upon myself and organised it.She baked her own cake though...Ethryll played, followered by Roger the Badger; a Ceilidh band.It was a very purple themed party...

They fit me!

Six months down the weight loss plan and I'm now in a pair of leather trousers I never thought I'd ever slide into again.Still a little snug, but I did actually manage to close the button and zip.Flat fronted, quite a nice trouser style.