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Loving this stuff!

Henderson's Relish Chutney. Amazing on a cheese sarnie.


Mum's car has a puncture.
Had to put the stupid little wheel on it.

Strangefish Progress Report

I just thought I'd do a little update on my progress learning the Strangefish material.

Since being asked to join the band back in October, and subsequently meeting them in December I've set to the task of learning a full 2 hours of music.

The task is made a little easier by the fact that for the earlier material which has been on my playlists multiple times I'm really au-fait with the songs and the changes.

The later stuff, on the other hand, is still quite fresh in my mind; plus I do hold the bassist on the material in very high esteem - Carl is a great bassist and somewhat of a different style to me; hence that being a challenge.

What also didn't help is the run of gigs we had up to Christmas with Face The Music which meant either I didn't have a 5 string bass at home, or I was learning new stuff for that band.

Anyhow, I've set to it now, and I've created a playlist of the stuff.

I've now got a good handle on about 40% of the stuff I've got to le…

I don't normally enjoy Boxing Day...

I always think it's a bit of a let-down after the high point of Christmas Day. Yesterday, however, I rather enjoyed it - I think because I did things!

Rather than laze around the house all day doing nothing I decided to go to the unit, then walk on to Retail World... Supposedly to avoid the traffic.

That was a silly idea! The traffic was ridiculously quiet. I couldn't believe there were spaces all through retail world.

So, I bought Hannah some kitchen scales (she sent me... I came back with the most expensive - I always do), and I got myself a genuine Samsung dual wireless charger. After previous cheap chargers and wasting money on ones which wouldn't charge my watch even though they claimed to be Qi chargers I decided to just get the real deal.

It has to be said my outfit today was pretty outrageous too...

The t-shirt was a present from Hannah. In case you don't know anything about it, it's a Jim'll Paint It of the Chuckle Brothers doing the Hello head in the …

Epic Win!

Retro gaming is always best Atari style... This little beauty had my favourite 2600 game Yars' Revenge built in.

Feeling Pretty

Went to the barbers today... I was left feeling quite pretty.

Watership Down

The new Watership Down on BBC1 definitely isn't for kids!

Asylum at Christmas

After much contemplation, I decided to take the plunge last night and head off to Asylum alone. Hannah wasn't feeling too great but she demanded I go and meet up with my fetish friends before Christmas.

The order of the day was my PVC suit, combined with the sprout shirt. I'd been daring the look for a while, but this was it's first public outing.

Sadly, the problem with wearing such a daring outfit to a fetish night is that nobody notices or comments on it!

But still... I looked awesome!

Wardrobe Remix

These Wardrobe Remix things seem to be popular on Instagram.
I thought I'd do one.
Waistcoat - Matalan Shirt - Marks & Spencer (older range) Trousers - Faux Leather by BoohooMAN Tie - Can't remember Watch - Samsung Galaxy Watch Belt buckle - copy of the one Seeley Booth wore on Bones

White jeans!

How your confidence in your appearance changes as you lose weight.
I honestly never thought I'd be able to wear white jeans again!

Fishier Times

So I've joined Strangefish. It's now public knowledge and has even appeared on a few prog news sites.Tuesday night was my first proper meet up with the guys - after all I was staying in Bolton at the Holiday Inn (my FIA course location).We had a meal and a drink, and chatted about the future. It's looking good!As for the course, well it was incredibly difficult I have to say - I do find the problem with the FIA courses is they are very lacking in course content so you can't go in there pre-armed, all the content is cram learned in a day and a half.I passed with a nice margin, although the group pass rate was less than 50%. I knew two of the guys would fail from the off. It was their dad's company and I don't think they were really interested in being there.Of the 7 there, 3 passed.

Renishaw Hall

A great day meeting the in-laws today. Renishaw Hall is so close by and yet I've never visited it.

There's not a great deal to do there, especially on a cold Sunday in December, but it's very nice looking.

Watches and parties!

A random discussion I'm sure you'll agree, but yesterday I saw that the Rotherham branch of CeX had a Samsung Watch in stock.

I've had a Huawei Watch 2 for a few months now I'd been little dissatisfied. I bought that from the Barnsley branch of CeX and it was not in great condition when I bought it, but the biggest problem was the Android Wear platform.

Whilst I love Android, I think Google have really not put much effort into Android Wear. It's laggy and very half baked. The Watch 2 really demonstrated this to me - I sometimes spent a few seconds looking at a black screen whilst an app loaded, often wondering if the screen had actually turned off and I needed to press one of the buttons again.

I missed the rotating bezel of my Galaxy Gear S2 - indeed I still often chose the S2 over the Watch 2 just because it felt more developed and professional.
I decided to take the plunge therefore, gathered together a few bits and pieces and headed down there with the goal of comi…

Back with that happy tooth.

My tooth, on the other hand, hasn't been very happy. Somewhat through neglect, I hate to say... I had a cavity which I knew about, but I ignored it and it reached the root and caused an abscess.

I wonder who Pallett is?


Trevor's 80th

It might seem unusual to have a rock/pop band for an 80th Birthday, but the birthday boy has followed us for a number of years now so it seemed apt.

The hotel it was held at was a great place. Top end of Heckmondwike; a place called Healds Hall.

It was an early start as we had to be set up by 6. The load in was quite easy although I think the staff were very surprised when we kept loading more and more boxes into the place though.

Setup went well. It was the first full length gig for a while so we ran through a few of the songs we’d not played to just brush them up. Strangely, the last few gigs had all been around an hour performance time. We had to be silent at 6:45 as the special guest was arriving for a “meal in the restaurant” but he was then told the restaurant was very busy so they were in the back room…


The first set was a blue suit set. It felt a little tight on me and even though the scales show my weight hasn’t changed I need to keep an eye on that. It could be tha…