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You ever gamed in latex?

It's ok, but the silicon polish really makes your controller slippy as hell!

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Mostly Autumn - The Spirit of Autumn Past

Still their finest album, even after all these years.

Grand Designs

I love Grand Designs. Not just because of the innovative ideas some of the couples come up with, but also with a lot of them for exhibiting sheer stupidity at the scope of the project they tackle, and yet the lack of money they have spare to allow for contingency planning.

Also, I think Kevin McCloud is a great presenter with an element of level headedness about him when they are up in cloud cuckoo land.

Plus he once wore leather trousers! Season 1, Episode 1; the very first ever scene! But I've never seen him in them since.

Sadly our narrow minded idiotic social networks criticised him for then, because they're, well, populated by idiots.