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Minecraft bug?

In the sky.. it's a chest!

Weird Minecraft server bug? It only happened during a thunderstorm and disappeared later.

Note to self...

Hannah should NOT go on Bored Panda.

Time wasted...


Tramlines was a great gig! Even if the pressure was on as I had to pick up James and then head over to Leeds to meet the guys from Face The Music so we could play in Blackpool.Nellie Naylor got a great picture of us onstage; I just wish Jackie had been on it too.I do somewhat regret wearing leather jeans though. It was the hottest day of the year!

My beard!

Look how long it is!

My old girl.

Tigger being very cute!

A bearded update

It's annoying me. It's getting scraggly and I need to do something with it. Perhaps oil?

Bucket list achievement unlocked!

Latex office wear.

Not that I'd wear it to the office, but it's something I've always fancied owning. The shirt was the last item to arrive, a few weeks ago.

Bad news is I ordered XXL and it turned out to be a bit too big. I think it's about a 52" chest wheres I'm a 48.

It still looks awesome though!

I also did a bit of video. Excuse me for being a bit narcissistic about this but I do look rather splendid in this.

I felt like it...

Full outfit by Catalyst Latex.