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Funny Apple Patents you might not know about...

Note that the below is intended as a joke, and should not be taken seriously. Unless, of course, Apple have patented jokes, in which case I had better consult my solicitor.

Apple™ have a surprisingly large number of patents either issued or pending and seem to sue at the drop of a hat, so just to avoid any trouble I thought I would share with you some of their more unknown ones...

The Periodic Table of Elements
Apple™ patented the elements back in 1325. They sued Mendeleev for tabulating them and won on an out of court settlement. Mendeleev was bankrupted and went back to counting iron™ filings for a hobby.

Apple™ successfully ruled out prior art for fire™ after successfully patenting lightning™. Now when lightning™ creates fire™, Apple™ owns the fire™.

The Wheel
The original wheel™ was Apple™ shaped, but people complained that the ride was bumpy. Apple™ therefore patented the Orange™ and based the wheel™ on it's shape instead.

The Apple
When God™ gave man the Apple™, man didn…