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My 3DS comes to life at last!

After 6 months of weak games (except for Zelda) the 3DS has finally had it's breath of life with the release of Super Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart 7 within just a few weeks of each other. Couple that together with the awesome download of Zen Pinball, and to a lesser extent the rather funky if quite strange Freakyforms and the 3DS has finally come of age and is now accompanying me everywhere again.

I now await the system update with 3D video recording... and hope Youtube can support it!

I have also now purchased a new Mifi (my last one went "missing", mysteriously). Thankfully the missing one didn't have much credit left on it - but annoying still. The new one is rather good, delivering HSPA+ speeds of up to (allegedly) 21Mbps, although I must say I've struggled so far to get 4Mbps - although that is still admirable when you consider our house connection is 10Mbps and that relies on fibre optics!

Finally - what are you doing next Saturday night? Sheffield Corporat…