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A New Social Network Idea!

I have come up with a new idea for a Social Network to replace Facebook, G+, Twitter etc...

It's called Face2Face and what you do is you phone a friend, meet up, and then sit and talk about things.

I think perhaps the POKE feature of Facebook could be abused so was thinking of disabling that facility.

Apps could include "Pub", "Coffee Shop", "Wine Bar", "Cafe", "Restaurant" and "Park".

Do you think it would take off?

Laptop Conkers

The rules of Laptop Conkers are simple.

When in a fast food outlet or other location offering free Wifi you find a number of reps and other such people.

Generally you will find laptop envy - someone will pull out a laptop, and the next guy will pull out a bigger faster laptop.

I therefore propose that the scornful look given by the bigger/better/faster/more expensive laptop owner therefore is the throwing down of the gauntlet for a challenging game of Laptop Conkers.

Using any chosen port on your laptop, attach a dongle/cable to use as a string (may I suggest a VGA, Serial or Parallel port as they have the best tethering method). USB and Firewire tend not to be too stable. This is the only method by which the laptop is permitted to be handled during the game.

The challenger gets first strike and the person challenged must hold out their laptop by the cable whilst the challenger gets a strike, in the style of conkers. Any method of swinging is permitted but all swings must be don…

Of flickr.

I had a comment made by someone that they were sad I have now stopped posting (mostly) to flickr.

I know you will know by now I am a big fan of Google+ - but a reason why has now actually occurred to me!

Facebook is the social network, and it can't be denied that G+ hasn't been quite as successful as Google would like (although that may change - I remember everyone saying MySpace was the bees knees and Facebook was the new boy and a bit uncool)... but Facebook seriously lacks in one area:

Facebook doesn't do photos. Period.

Yes, you may THINK Facebook does photos, but when you are a photographer who posts pictures of the order of size of 4000 pixels along the longest edge you realise just how poor Facebook's photo engine really is. It's displays of photos are weak, and it's security of the said photos (and in particular Facebook's own sharing and syndication policies) borders on the ridiculous.

Flickr, on the other hand, had the edge on the photography fron…