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I will be taking part in Movember this year to raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer charities.

You can sponsor me at

I will be posting regular updates here, and on my Google+ account.

Not in my back yard!

The NIMBY. A 90's phrase coined to label anyone who objects to something being built near them.

"Not in my back yard" is what you'll hear these dullards screaming when anything which might just make the slightest mark on their middle class lifestyle is proposed.

Take, for example, wind farms.

Now it just so happens that the best areas for wind farms happen to be naturally high ground, and natural funnel shaped valleys really help scoop up the wind and form a jet. Now it also happens that naturally high ground tends to have a slightly higher value because, after all, we all want a view.

Marr, Hickleton and Barnburgh - three villages not too far away, and all three of them full of rather expensive housing are to be "blighted" by "shock horror" the "ugly manifestation" of a wind farm, generating 8 megawatts of electricity (which is enough for around 16,000 homes). The electricity for these three villages is currently produced by the mass of…


This just amused me. It's not often you think of a Sesame Street character swearing...

Have a song on us!

Spotify vs Grooveshark

A lot of fuss has been made just recently about Grooveshark - especially the fact the adverts aren't audible (i.e. they are onscreen) and the fact it has so much more on there than Spotify.

Well, I decided to try Grooveshark for a few hits and all I can say is I am thoroughly disappointed with it!

Yes, it has so much more on there, and yes you can find any song you like - but what a mess the entire system is!

Searching, for example, Queen II - the definitive album by the Rock Band Queen gives you about 40 versions of the album. Some of them have only half the tracks, some of them have tracks named wrongly, some of them have tracks in the wrong order. Just searching through to find a good version takes ages - and then you have to compile it yourself! The quality is hit and miss, and some of the tracks have jitter and skips where they have been poorly ripped. When you find a playlist called "For Dad" which happens to pop up, you can tell no-one is actually filtering this s…

Flickr -> Picasa. Phew!

I have posted photos on flickr for many years now, and in that time have amassed over 16,000 pictures - some are just cheesy little camera phone VGA size pictures; but since late 2008 I have owned a DSLR and have been taking photos using a 10 megapixel CCD.

As you can imagine - this has set my photostream in a very high kilobyte count... in fact I would hasten to say gigabyte. In total, I have 14 gigabytes of photo data on my flickr photostream!

Now recently, flickr hasn't evolved. It's interface isn't the best, and I find it clunky at times. I have used Picasa side by side for a while now and the Picasa interface knocks spots off Flickr; but the community hasn't been there in the same way.

Then along comes Google Plus...

Google really have got their heads screwed on right. Where facebook becomes bigger and clunkier by trying to do everything itself, G+ outsources things like photos and videos - after all, Google do own Picasa and Youtube (although - note - you CAN post…