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Hello Facebook. We won't be seeing each as much.

I'm sorry, Facebook, but you've changed. I don't like the changes I see in you these days.

I want something fresh and new, not something tired, old, bloated, and worse - something that attempts to copy someone elses work and makes a fair old hash up of it.

I'm not deleting my profile just yet, but I won't be posting on there any more.

See my Google+ at

Recycling Laptops

Today I got a new laptop...

Well actually I got an old laptop!

I have never been someone to buy the biggest flashiest laptops - indeed for a year I ran an EeePC 700, however this time I have really gone to town with a massive 900mhz processor and 256meg of memory.

Welcome my new Panasonic Toughbook CF-18b!

A few changes around here

You've probably noticed by now that this is Blogger and I am back on here.

Yes, I have switched back from Posterous after a few months over there. I might well import my posts back across.

Things in general in my online life have changed in particular regarding Facebook...

Facebook has been annoying me for a while. It sprays your personal data across the internet like an unneutered tom cat whilst allowing other people to add you and then fill up your profile and email inbox with crap. I have decided to therefore use Facebook less and less with the eventual aim of quitting it entirely.

My social networking is done on Google+ from now on - I am really digging the circles thing and I love the way you don't have to reciprocate on friend adds.

Finally, I have a domain pointing here now: will get you here.

I am back on Blogger!

Google have slicked up the interface for Blogger and I must say it's wonderful!