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...go on then dream people, interpret this one.

Last night I had a strange dream. It's a dream I've had once before, and it's one of the few dreams I've known to be repeated. It has me stumped - anyone care to help?

I'm at work, on a day servicing fire alarms. One of my customers is a working men's club. Nothing unusual there - I have many working men's clubs on my customer base.

However... this one is different, because it is on a very small rugged island which can only be accessed by a very small boat. There are no roads on the island, yet the club has a car park. The club is the only building on the island, and there are no other residents.

I don't recognise the club at all - it's not laid out like any of the ones I do now, nor is it similar to any I remember from my past.

Whoa! Stop the world, I want to get off!

A massively eventful day today - making travel news at one point!

I was driving on a main road out of Dewsbury and was turning right up towards Thornhill... whilst I waited for a gap in oncoming traffic so I could turn I received a rather large shock up my arse end! literally!

A Piaggio 125cc scooter thingy had not seen me/braked too hard/braked wrongly and had come off. His scooter had slid partway under my van bursting the spare tyre and damaging the spare wheel and carrying cage. He'd also broken the rear light and put a rather large crack in the under tray... oh and the mud flap has mysteriously disappeared but we couldn't find that anywhere!

I called 999 immediately and left the van where it was (not that I could have moved). The rider ended up laid on his side on the opposite carriageway, thus closing the entire road totally for an hour and a half causing massive tailbacks both ways.

2 Police cars and a police bike showed up within literally 2 minutes and an ambulance follow…

Update on Eve

Just a quick post before I head off to the vets with Eve.

She's a lot better - the eye is now open most of the time and today she's had her first wander around. She's getting that "cocky" gait back in her movement and hopefully before too long will be 100%

I, however, am currently suffering with a somewhat sore shoulder. I don't know how it happened, but it started yesterday morning and just got worse and worse as the day progressed. Today, it feels much better and I will see how it fares whilst I do some work.

Finally - the Manning Mobile is virtually ready for return! - The 240V AC power system is now installed and working, although I still need to fix the socket in properly as it is currently loose. The radio aerial is now sorted too - a £5 adaptor saw to that (damn French vans and their weird non ISO aerials!)... I found the table legs too - shame is they're £18 a side!!! - might have to run that one by Guy before I leap in and buy them, but they will wo…

Of poorly cats.

Eve has ended up rather the worse for wear after what we suspect is an attack by one of the tom cats which have been stalking her during her interesting time of the month.

At the moment she is walking around very dazed and confused because she has a left eye abscess which is causing her to have poor vision. Apparently, cats don't do very well on one eye. She tends to walk into corners, and bump into things. It's really sad to see her this way, but she does seem to be improving and is now able to walk in a straight line.

On other things, the Manningmobile is virtually ready now, apart from the purchase of a power inverter which I hope to do this Wednesday when I can get over to the stockists. The speakers and lights all work (and I am NEVER taking that roof lining down ever again!).

The final job is to carpet the interior of the split panel, and then to find some table legs for the mid seat table... that final bit is proving VERY difficult!

Manning are spawning the Acoustic line-up…

Happy New Year, and all that rubbish.

We've had the financially crippling Christmas last weekend, and this weekend it was New Year.

What should be a joyous time of the year is turned into a miserable one for many because of a lack of discipline. I heard recently of a lady from Nottingham who had put this Christmas on her credit card - spending almost £2000 on presents for her two kids.

She was paying for LAST Christmas (let's assume another 2 grand) at £100 a month... now correct me if I'm wrong, but with interest at 28% she will have paid off less than £600 of LAST Christmas... all I can say is FOOL.

...and in our house we have a £60 rule.

Now onto

Audiobox was annoying me, but they seem to have finally come up trumps. The Android app is much better (but not perfect still - and it has a way to go before it is) but it's now making my audiobox usable from my phone. Woohoo!

The new Browser experience of Audiobox is itunes in a browser. It's very good and the speed issues with the old version are vi…