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My 3DS comes to life at last!

After 6 months of weak games (except for Zelda) the 3DS has finally had it's breath of life with the release of Super Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart 7 within just a few weeks of each other. Couple that together with the awesome download of Zen Pinball, and to a lesser extent the rather funky if quite strange Freakyforms and the 3DS has finally come of age and is now accompanying me everywhere again.

I now await the system update with 3D video recording... and hope Youtube can support it!

I have also now purchased a new Mifi (my last one went "missing", mysteriously). Thankfully the missing one didn't have much credit left on it - but annoying still. The new one is rather good, delivering HSPA+ speeds of up to (allegedly) 21Mbps, although I must say I've struggled so far to get 4Mbps - although that is still admirable when you consider our house connection is 10Mbps and that relies on fibre optics!

Finally - what are you doing next Saturday night? Sheffield Corporat…

A New Social Network Idea!

I have come up with a new idea for a Social Network to replace Facebook, G+, Twitter etc...

It's called Face2Face and what you do is you phone a friend, meet up, and then sit and talk about things.

I think perhaps the POKE feature of Facebook could be abused so was thinking of disabling that facility.

Apps could include "Pub", "Coffee Shop", "Wine Bar", "Cafe", "Restaurant" and "Park".

Do you think it would take off?

Laptop Conkers

The rules of Laptop Conkers are simple.

When in a fast food outlet or other location offering free Wifi you find a number of reps and other such people.

Generally you will find laptop envy - someone will pull out a laptop, and the next guy will pull out a bigger faster laptop.

I therefore propose that the scornful look given by the bigger/better/faster/more expensive laptop owner therefore is the throwing down of the gauntlet for a challenging game of Laptop Conkers.

Using any chosen port on your laptop, attach a dongle/cable to use as a string (may I suggest a VGA, Serial or Parallel port as they have the best tethering method). USB and Firewire tend not to be too stable. This is the only method by which the laptop is permitted to be handled during the game.

The challenger gets first strike and the person challenged must hold out their laptop by the cable whilst the challenger gets a strike, in the style of conkers. Any method of swinging is permitted but all swings must be don…

Of flickr.

I had a comment made by someone that they were sad I have now stopped posting (mostly) to flickr.

I know you will know by now I am a big fan of Google+ - but a reason why has now actually occurred to me!

Facebook is the social network, and it can't be denied that G+ hasn't been quite as successful as Google would like (although that may change - I remember everyone saying MySpace was the bees knees and Facebook was the new boy and a bit uncool)... but Facebook seriously lacks in one area:

Facebook doesn't do photos. Period.

Yes, you may THINK Facebook does photos, but when you are a photographer who posts pictures of the order of size of 4000 pixels along the longest edge you realise just how poor Facebook's photo engine really is. It's displays of photos are weak, and it's security of the said photos (and in particular Facebook's own sharing and syndication policies) borders on the ridiculous.

Flickr, on the other hand, had the edge on the photography fron…


I will be taking part in Movember this year to raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer charities.

You can sponsor me at

I will be posting regular updates here, and on my Google+ account.

Not in my back yard!

The NIMBY. A 90's phrase coined to label anyone who objects to something being built near them.

"Not in my back yard" is what you'll hear these dullards screaming when anything which might just make the slightest mark on their middle class lifestyle is proposed.

Take, for example, wind farms.

Now it just so happens that the best areas for wind farms happen to be naturally high ground, and natural funnel shaped valleys really help scoop up the wind and form a jet. Now it also happens that naturally high ground tends to have a slightly higher value because, after all, we all want a view.

Marr, Hickleton and Barnburgh - three villages not too far away, and all three of them full of rather expensive housing are to be "blighted" by "shock horror" the "ugly manifestation" of a wind farm, generating 8 megawatts of electricity (which is enough for around 16,000 homes). The electricity for these three villages is currently produced by the mass of…


This just amused me. It's not often you think of a Sesame Street character swearing...

Have a song on us!

Spotify vs Grooveshark

A lot of fuss has been made just recently about Grooveshark - especially the fact the adverts aren't audible (i.e. they are onscreen) and the fact it has so much more on there than Spotify.

Well, I decided to try Grooveshark for a few hits and all I can say is I am thoroughly disappointed with it!

Yes, it has so much more on there, and yes you can find any song you like - but what a mess the entire system is!

Searching, for example, Queen II - the definitive album by the Rock Band Queen gives you about 40 versions of the album. Some of them have only half the tracks, some of them have tracks named wrongly, some of them have tracks in the wrong order. Just searching through to find a good version takes ages - and then you have to compile it yourself! The quality is hit and miss, and some of the tracks have jitter and skips where they have been poorly ripped. When you find a playlist called "For Dad" which happens to pop up, you can tell no-one is actually filtering this s…

Flickr -> Picasa. Phew!

I have posted photos on flickr for many years now, and in that time have amassed over 16,000 pictures - some are just cheesy little camera phone VGA size pictures; but since late 2008 I have owned a DSLR and have been taking photos using a 10 megapixel CCD.

As you can imagine - this has set my photostream in a very high kilobyte count... in fact I would hasten to say gigabyte. In total, I have 14 gigabytes of photo data on my flickr photostream!

Now recently, flickr hasn't evolved. It's interface isn't the best, and I find it clunky at times. I have used Picasa side by side for a while now and the Picasa interface knocks spots off Flickr; but the community hasn't been there in the same way.

Then along comes Google Plus...

Google really have got their heads screwed on right. Where facebook becomes bigger and clunkier by trying to do everything itself, G+ outsources things like photos and videos - after all, Google do own Picasa and Youtube (although - note - you CAN post…

Hello Facebook. We won't be seeing each as much.

I'm sorry, Facebook, but you've changed. I don't like the changes I see in you these days.

I want something fresh and new, not something tired, old, bloated, and worse - something that attempts to copy someone elses work and makes a fair old hash up of it.

I'm not deleting my profile just yet, but I won't be posting on there any more.

See my Google+ at

Recycling Laptops

Today I got a new laptop...

Well actually I got an old laptop!

I have never been someone to buy the biggest flashiest laptops - indeed for a year I ran an EeePC 700, however this time I have really gone to town with a massive 900mhz processor and 256meg of memory.

Welcome my new Panasonic Toughbook CF-18b!

A few changes around here

You've probably noticed by now that this is Blogger and I am back on here.

Yes, I have switched back from Posterous after a few months over there. I might well import my posts back across.

Things in general in my online life have changed in particular regarding Facebook...

Facebook has been annoying me for a while. It sprays your personal data across the internet like an unneutered tom cat whilst allowing other people to add you and then fill up your profile and email inbox with crap. I have decided to therefore use Facebook less and less with the eventual aim of quitting it entirely.

My social networking is done on Google+ from now on - I am really digging the circles thing and I love the way you don't have to reciprocate on friend adds.

Finally, I have a domain pointing here now: will get you here.

I am back on Blogger!

Google have slicked up the interface for Blogger and I must say it's wonderful!

Progmeister Festival

Just a bit of video.

It was a good festival, but not particularly well attended which was such a shame.

Beautiful sunset

Taken over the Starlight & Starlings event at RSPB Low Moor Posted via email from Kris's posterous

Sunset over Low Moor

Amazing sunset over the Starlings and Starlight event at RSPB Low Moor. Posted via email from Kris's posterous

Steve Learns his parts

Steve D shows us how he learns his parts for the Manning songs.

The cat's not right in the head.

Eve may have had too much catnip methinks... Posted via email from Kris's posterous

Gallstones... then no gallstones.

Today I have had shockwave therapy on my dozen little trinkets contained within my gallbladder.

It wasn't quite what I expected - I expected them to hold a little gun against my belly, press a trigger, and a clicking noise to work the magic.


I was showered, sterilised, dressed in a surgical robe (just in case I needed emergency surgery... thanks for the reassurance!) and then whisked down to a theatre.

I laid on a very big fat comfortable airbed... and thought "ah this is the life"... until they shaved part of my belly, and them stuck a needle in me. Gee thanks. A local anaesthetic, because apparently the shockwaves can hurt. Nice.

Finally, a large C shaped machine was tucked under me and over me, tightened up until it compressed my abdomen slightly, and then I was velcroed down to the bed. Yes this was getting fetishistic... especially considering they had lubed me up with KY Jelly on my stomach!

The treatment itself consisted of moments of a rather violent buzzing sens…

Justin Bieber... and other such demons.

Today I saw an advert for a Justin Bieber movie.

At the bottom of the screen it said "contains no scenes likely to offend anyone"...

er... apart from the hour and a half or so of Justin Bieber... that's likely to offend the entire world.

Secondly, I was rather amused today to find that the Antichrist of Micro$oft has twinned up with the Micro$oft of the mobile phone world - often known as Nokia. When I heard of this match made in hell I thought of the scene in the South Park Movie where Satan and Saddam Hussain are in bed together.

Still here...

I haven't posted for a while, but I am still here.

Wearing Leather - My Thoughts

I did a little video about a few thoughts on leather wearing.

...go on then dream people, interpret this one.

Last night I had a strange dream. It's a dream I've had once before, and it's one of the few dreams I've known to be repeated. It has me stumped - anyone care to help?

I'm at work, on a day servicing fire alarms. One of my customers is a working men's club. Nothing unusual there - I have many working men's clubs on my customer base.

However... this one is different, because it is on a very small rugged island which can only be accessed by a very small boat. There are no roads on the island, yet the club has a car park. The club is the only building on the island, and there are no other residents.

I don't recognise the club at all - it's not laid out like any of the ones I do now, nor is it similar to any I remember from my past.

Whoa! Stop the world, I want to get off!

A massively eventful day today - making travel news at one point!

I was driving on a main road out of Dewsbury and was turning right up towards Thornhill... whilst I waited for a gap in oncoming traffic so I could turn I received a rather large shock up my arse end! literally!

A Piaggio 125cc scooter thingy had not seen me/braked too hard/braked wrongly and had come off. His scooter had slid partway under my van bursting the spare tyre and damaging the spare wheel and carrying cage. He'd also broken the rear light and put a rather large crack in the under tray... oh and the mud flap has mysteriously disappeared but we couldn't find that anywhere!

I called 999 immediately and left the van where it was (not that I could have moved). The rider ended up laid on his side on the opposite carriageway, thus closing the entire road totally for an hour and a half causing massive tailbacks both ways.

2 Police cars and a police bike showed up within literally 2 minutes and an ambulance follow…

Update on Eve

Just a quick post before I head off to the vets with Eve.

She's a lot better - the eye is now open most of the time and today she's had her first wander around. She's getting that "cocky" gait back in her movement and hopefully before too long will be 100%

I, however, am currently suffering with a somewhat sore shoulder. I don't know how it happened, but it started yesterday morning and just got worse and worse as the day progressed. Today, it feels much better and I will see how it fares whilst I do some work.

Finally - the Manning Mobile is virtually ready for return! - The 240V AC power system is now installed and working, although I still need to fix the socket in properly as it is currently loose. The radio aerial is now sorted too - a £5 adaptor saw to that (damn French vans and their weird non ISO aerials!)... I found the table legs too - shame is they're £18 a side!!! - might have to run that one by Guy before I leap in and buy them, but they will wo…

Of poorly cats.

Eve has ended up rather the worse for wear after what we suspect is an attack by one of the tom cats which have been stalking her during her interesting time of the month.

At the moment she is walking around very dazed and confused because she has a left eye abscess which is causing her to have poor vision. Apparently, cats don't do very well on one eye. She tends to walk into corners, and bump into things. It's really sad to see her this way, but she does seem to be improving and is now able to walk in a straight line.

On other things, the Manningmobile is virtually ready now, apart from the purchase of a power inverter which I hope to do this Wednesday when I can get over to the stockists. The speakers and lights all work (and I am NEVER taking that roof lining down ever again!).

The final job is to carpet the interior of the split panel, and then to find some table legs for the mid seat table... that final bit is proving VERY difficult!

Manning are spawning the Acoustic line-up…

Happy New Year, and all that rubbish.

We've had the financially crippling Christmas last weekend, and this weekend it was New Year.

What should be a joyous time of the year is turned into a miserable one for many because of a lack of discipline. I heard recently of a lady from Nottingham who had put this Christmas on her credit card - spending almost £2000 on presents for her two kids.

She was paying for LAST Christmas (let's assume another 2 grand) at £100 a month... now correct me if I'm wrong, but with interest at 28% she will have paid off less than £600 of LAST Christmas... all I can say is FOOL.

...and in our house we have a £60 rule.

Now onto

Audiobox was annoying me, but they seem to have finally come up trumps. The Android app is much better (but not perfect still - and it has a way to go before it is) but it's now making my audiobox usable from my phone. Woohoo!

The new Browser experience of Audiobox is itunes in a browser. It's very good and the speed issues with the old version are vi…