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Why I hate Apple

You probably found this article based on the title and thought ooooh an Apple basher. Well not quite.
I don't really HATE Apple as such. They are a company with a sole aim in the marketplace - to grab a huge slice of the pie that is the personal computer market. I guess we could say they're doing OK at that. Then they enter the mobile phone market with what is essentially a rather poor phone with a slick interface. They sell it for hundreds of pounds more than other comparable phones and all the sad and irritating people suddenly jump around saying "oh look my iphone does this..."
Just fuck off already. My HTC Tytn 2 did most of that shit 3 years prior to the iphone. That's what narks me. The blind support for Apple when in my opinion they don't deserve it.
They invent a non generic port and we end up with hundreds of speaker docks, plug in kettles, fridges and other useless iPod dock trash. Most of them poor quality it has to be said.
The media blindly follows on…

Massive snowfall!

This fell overnight. I can't believe how deep it is. Meg seems fairly OK with it all.