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The 80's. Remember the 80's.

80's Litter
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I love being in buildings that for a number of years have existed in one state, and are being converted to another state.

The place I am working in at the moment is one such example.

Previously a corridor existed, a narrow corridor, with a room set at an angle at each end. When we looked at the plans we found that it was actually a corridor fitted across a room, in fact, closing off another two rooms!

The walls to the corridor were knocked out revealing what turned out to be a 12' by 14' room, with a door off to one side into a room full of files (which already had another entrance in another part of the building). Inside the walls, however, we found a treasure trove. Obviously the old room hadn't been too well cleaned before the walls had been put up in the mid 80's, and as a result we found some rather quaint litter.

The best before dates on most of these were between 1986 and 1988 although one nik naks packet did…

How smartphone users see each other...

I think this captures our opinions of each other perfectly.

I'm on Android by the way... you bunch of Blackberry owning dinosaurs!

Money Grabbing Solicitors?

I'm the only independent witness to an accident a few years ago. It's dragged on for years and now it's ending up in the law courts.

The solicitors representing the defendant called me today and told me a court date had been set for the 24th November. I replied "sorry, that's no good - I can't make that - I have platelet donors that afternoon".

He questioned if I could move it... I replied "hmm... helping money grabbing solicitors settle a case, or giving my incredibly valuable services as a platelet making machine to the NHS to give valuable platelets to save and prolong the lives of people in need... I think I already answered that one".

The court date is now the 23rd... :-)