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...of album releases, and stuff.

Tonight, I sit playing around with the Android dev kit on my Ubuntu laptop. It's very nice... especially considering just 5 or so years ago I'd have paid £££ for a devkit (and indeed, did for a couple of Amiga devkits). Android really is the future - unlike Apple with it's attempt at world domination, Android is free, and the variety of devices is becoming bewildering (although there are a few turkeys out there...).

Now just to educate the world that some of us have MP3 players that aren't made by Apple... I'm sure there are more docks available for ipod and iphone than there are ipods and iphones in the world. A recent look in PC World came up with about 20 different shapes, sizes, types. Most of them rather poor quality, or with very poor sound (and far worse than a set of £20 2.1 speakers can give you).

PDMI is fitted on the Dell Streak as standard. Dell didn't make this obvious at first, but then some smart guy figured out the pin-out is the same, the forums …

A cat's life

A cat's life
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Not a blog post, just a very cute picture of my cat asleep. Enjoy.

October, already.

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Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway This year has flown. It's not been a great one, but it's been better than 2009.

Manning has gone from strength to strength (and drummer to drummer). The last drummer, well, he didn't work out. I won't go into details (that's his job if he wants to badmouth) but it didn't happen.

We're now on drummer 3 for 2010, John Kennard. So far - so good. He better bloody well had be I suppose - bearing in mind it's 3 weeks till the next gig and album release.

Today I've been playing with QR codes. The one adjacent brings you here... I may have to do more.

Finally - book of the year for me - Racing the Beam. Quite geeky, in fact, I'd say very geeky. It's about the old Atari 2600 console. If you have any interest in how we used to program games back in the 80's then get this book. It's also available on Kindle...