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Through my fingers

I was rather surprised to be Facebook friended by Paul Menel - he of IQ fame (well two albums anyway). Yes. That Paul Menel. He recorded with them on the studio albums Nomzamo (1986) and Are You Sitting Comfortably (1989) - and I must say, I like both albums.

Recently I've found myself wavering through a land of pop/rock and folk. Why? - well it's taken me a while to figure out, but it dawned on me earlier this week. Accessibility.

These days I find too many albums are prog for the sake of prog. They're clever. They're TOO clever... and they are INACCESSIBLE. It takes 4-5 listens to actually get any idea what's going on, and I find myself unwilling to donate my time to these inaccessible albums. They may be musically superb, but why should I have to actually think through music? can't I just put it on and slip away into another state of being whilst listening to it, without worrying about what hidden messages I might have missed? or how clever that 5/4 7/8 13/8 a…

Charlestown Release Gig 23rd October 2010... the only place to get a copy before the 25th October release date.


The Papal Visit

The Pope is in England at the moment and I like many of my fellow countrymen do not give a flying fuck about his visit. Many of us find it insulting that the treasure laden, paedophile hiding, poverty causing Catholic church is not paying the costs of this visit. Nay, it is costing each tax payer in excess of 40p for this visit - at a time when the country is on it's knees with a sign on it's arse saying "Free Ride - Enter Here".

Who are we going to invite next? My money (all 40p) of it is on Osaka Bin-Liner.


Massive bales of hay in a field sorta make me realise Autumn is here.

Found on my phone

Recorded using my phone when I was running Android 1.6. This is Hannah going down a steep banking down from a motte in Herefordshire.

Steve D being a loon!

Julie's Birthday party.

Hall Place Rehearsal

We rehearsed at Hall Place today.

I caught a bit of video. Note that no Manning songs were harmed during this performance.


My life over the last few weeks has taken some strange twists and turns... mostly becoming so busy that blogging has been a low priority.

I've been to Cumbria, I've been to Herefordshire, and I've had some time away. We're now in the middle of decorating the hall, stairs and landing including some lovely new balustrading and a full new banister (nice wood one, not painted) and a new door knocked through where we used to have a wall. Our house will soon be a three bedroomed house again (like it always should have been) and the old dressing room door will be closed up shortly.

Meanwhile, I've also really been busy with Manning - not just rehearsing, but doing the centre page artwork for Charlestown - a photo montage from RoSfest and other stuff. Sadly the photo of me is not from RoSfest as I don't like any of the close ups of me from the event...

Now, on to the future.

Well in a fortnight we play Bilston supporting Crimson Sky. It was originally to be our gig, but th…