When England comes first.

I was surprised to find today that the USA still don't have the Dell Streak and that the yanks are running up quite a buzz for the device. Understandable, really, as it is a fantastic piece of kit.

Whilst it amuses me to think that for a change the Americans come second when a new release comes around (they had the Wii, DS, DSi, and many other things first) but it also does make me realise just how big a market the USA is.

I would like a dock for it (I had one for my Ameo and it was wonderful), but sadly at the present the only option is the official Dell product. I'd also like a second charger... again... only the standard Dell product. As you can imagine these are rather expensive and non standard. Also, Dell aren't rushing with a Froyo update so we're stuck on Android 1.6

After a few weeks living with the device what are my thoughts?

The good
  • It does everything! - A good browser, good camera, good phone to use, Android OS.
The Bad
  • Dell accessories are too expensive
  • No third party accessories (yet)
  • The camera flash is not great
  • It's a bit "crashy" still, but BIOS updates and Android updates will sort that.

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