Oooooh a new phone!

I got a new phone this week... OK... well... a huge slab of a device, but what a device.

It's a Dell Streak, which is a mother of a 5" screen yielding slab of technology - packed to the brim with goodies including a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, HDMI output, and to top it all nicely it's running Android.

Yes, I know it's only Android 1.6 at present, but Dell promise an update sometime in August to 2.2 Froyo which backed up with the snapdragon 1 gig processor should make for some silky smooth apps.

Of course, I could have followed the lemmings down the iphone path, but then I'd be looking for phoneboxes all the time to make calls... although I did read a good selection of jokes via Twitter t'uther day...

  • Apple: 0.55% of users have called about reception problems, the other 99.45% dropped the call.
  • Two iPhones got married. It was a lovely ceremony, but the reception was awful. Apparently they held it in the wrong place.
and that, as they say, is your lot.

Now I'll stick with Android, thank you very much - because after all... Android phones are for porn.

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