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When England comes first.

I was surprised to find today that the USA still don't have the Dell Streak and that the yanks are running up quite a buzz for the device. Understandable, really, as it is a fantastic piece of kit.

Whilst it amuses me to think that for a change the Americans come second when a new release comes around (they had the Wii, DS, DSi, and many other things first) but it also does make me realise just how big a market the USA is.

I would like a dock for it (I had one for my Ameo and it was wonderful), but sadly at the present the only option is the official Dell product. I'd also like a second charger... again... only the standard Dell product. As you can imagine these are rather expensive and non standard. Also, Dell aren't rushing with a Froyo update so we're stuck on Android 1.6

After a few weeks living with the device what are my thoughts?

The good
It does everything! - A good browser, good camera, good phone to use, Android OS.The Bad
Dell accessories are too expensiveNo third…

Sliding along...

When I first signed up for MySpace I decided I'd only add friends at first, but then relaxed the rules somewhat and allowed anyone who added me. D'oh. I'm still on MySpace, but don't really use it any more.

Then a new fangled thing came along called Facebook... and the same happened again. All good intentions, and I ended up just adding anyone... then every couple of months I have a massive prune and get rid of loads of people I have lots in common with but don't really know.

Now I'm tweeting... but this time with the combination of Twitter and Facebook I think I've got it right. Facebook is for people who sort of know me. Twitter is for people who I know personally or am good friends with because of something we share a close common interest in... it seems to work for me anyway. I have 400+ facebook friends and about 30 or so Twitter friends and I don't lose track of who is who.

Now onto quote of the day - from David Boreanaz of Bones, Buffy & Angel f…

Lego Buzz Lightyear

I am regularly unimpressed by service in various shops, particularly the larger branches, however today's display in WHSmith was stunningly bad but they did rectify it fairly sharpish when I complained.

I went down for WHSmith opening to get a card and magazine, got there 15 minutes early so sat reading on my Kindle Reader (Treasure Island... arrrrr)... only to watch a massive queue materialise on the other side of the doors.

When the doors opened I walked in, ignoring the massive queue (and dirty looks by said massive queuers who obviously hadn't noticed I'd been sat there for the best part of 15 minutes - long before any of them appeared) and went to the cards. The queue filed in, went straight to the checkout, and proceeded to collect Lego items. I'm not sure which paper is giving them away free, but they were Lego Buzz Lightyear figures.

"I'm not queueing with them bloody freeloaders" I thought - spending 40p on a paper they don't really want to get …

Oooooh a new phone!

I got a new phone this week... OK... well... a huge slab of a device, but what a device.

It's a Dell Streak, which is a mother of a 5" screen yielding slab of technology - packed to the brim with goodies including a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, HDMI output, and to top it all nicely it's running Android.

Yes, I know it's only Android 1.6 at present, but Dell promise an update sometime in August to 2.2 Froyo which backed up with the snapdragon 1 gig processor should make for some silky smooth apps.

Of course, I could have followed the lemmings down the iphone path, but then I'd be looking for phoneboxes all the time to make calls... although I did read a good selection of jokes via Twitter t'uther day...

Apple: 0.55% of users have called about reception problems, the other 99.45% dropped the call.Two iPhones got married. It was a lovely ceremony, but the reception was awful. Apparently they held it in the wrong place.
and that, as they say, is your lot.

Now I…

Musicians playing Band Hero

Something rather unusual happened recently...

I tried Band Hero for the first time ever at a friends house. As you know, I'm a bass guitarist and so I chose bass as my instrument, naturally, of course.

How did I fare though?

I was shite... but why?

Well as a bassist I can tell you that the guitar firstly is too short thus meaning you're playing everything at around the 12th fret if it was a real bass. At which point the rocking "string" switch is dreadful... you can't play it finger style properly as it centres too slowly thus forcing you to rock it with your thumb. Awful.

Finally... FIVE BLOODY NOTES?!! - Sorry but that does not accurately represent a real bass. Mine has that many strings, and each string has 26 frets. Do the sums - that's over 125 individual frettable positions (although B and E above fret 15ish are a bit pointless)... counting it as notes that's almost three octaves of range from low B to high A - or almost 36 individual notes.

Yes, 5…

5 reasons to buy a Nintendo DSi

At first the DSi didn't excite me in any way. I had a DS and I was happy with it, but I then saw something that made me realise the DSi was for me...

1: The Cameras - 0.3 megapixel (read VGA). They're OK, I suppose, but the included photography and gallery software is really good and some of the effects are worth it alone.

2: MP3 playing - a load of old bollocks... the DSi cannot play MP3's BUT... it can play M4A files which are readily downloaded from itunes, and you can convert your MP3's into M4A's rather quickly using Sound Convertor (available from the Ubuntu Software Centre).

3: DSiWare - there's a lot of crap, but I must say STARSHIP PATROL is the most awesome game ever!

4: A Browser - don't expect too much and it will deliver. It's better to browse the mobile version of sites, although it can cope with bigger sites. No flash though, but then again neither has the ipad!

5: Flipnotes - Animated flipbooks... a great time killer - and with Flipnote Haten…