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World bloody Cup

I've had enough of the World bloody Cup already. That's World bloody Cup as in the same way Simon Git Cowell and Jeremy Tosser Clarkson are what they are.
It's not funny, and the sodding vuvuzelas are irritating beyond belief. It sounds like a swarm of demented wasps are about to attack... but... we're out of it, so at least the bloody thing has sort of slipped into the background and brought Wimbledon to the foreground... and Andy Pissing Murray, the sour faced Scot is now grimacing his way through the tournament.
Yes can't you tell... I hate sport, and I'm turning into a whinging old fart.
On a happier note, after doing some seriously bad shit to my neck (damage to nerve C5) I now have news to report that the pain is diminishing somewhat and mobility is returning. All thanks to some good physio and a daily dose of amitryptaline.
Finally, Charlestown - the epic - is all recorded now and is virtually there mix wise and sounding stonkingly good. I can't wait to …


Don't drink & drive.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Happy Midsummer people of the internet!

Now a little update on what has happened to me since my last blog, after all, it has been a major chaotic week!

Well you heard about the court case (guy faking certificates gets caught and imprisoned) but now for my other stuff...

On Friday I was electrocuted due to someone else's idiocy, I mean, who wires a ring main to 2 circuit breakers? Seriously?

but the big event was Saturday - as the photo shows. Whilst driving along Wash Lane, the Dalton end, I was tailgated very closely by an idiot in a Corsa. Even though my car (MX5) was more powerful, I thought I would rather not have this prick behind me and so slowed down to give him easy chance of overtaking as soon as the central barrier ended. He did overtake me - dangerously - making a driver coming the other way swerve.

At that point I noticed the police cars bearing down on me with great speed. I pulled over... obviously, Cor…

Remember the CRS Acoustic Sessions?

I was looking back at a little project I attempted, and somewhat succeeded at a few years ago.
Technology wasn't as good as it is today, and my equipment at the time certainly wasn't the best hi-tech equipment you could use. My few good microphones were filled out with a hell of a lot of cheap poor quality microphones (including some MAPLIN ones!), but listening back - I did well. Is it right to pat myself on the back?
It all started when a gig fell through just a couple of weeks before... I said to Martin Hudson "why don't we do an acoustic gig?"... and we could record it?
Yes. I set myself a task with that one - and to this day, I can't rightly remember how I did it - but I did and I managed to make it sound good, putting a PA and recording system into a venue, having no soundchecks except the live ones, and getting through 5 artistes whilst monitoring levels, recording levels, etc.... and then MIXING IT!
Anyway, Lambsie (now from the CRS but back then just a m…

The lights of Antares?

The lights of Antares?
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway ... Manning song reference found in Maplin.
Meanwhile... whilst at the customers' I was doing the work for I experienced something absolutely disgusting...
A pikey dole waller from the Job Centre nearby deemed it as decent human behaviour to do a SHIT at the top of their steps just outside the fire exit, and then wipe his arse with a paper bag.
... straight in front of a CCTV camera ... at one point he is virtually facing the camera and the image is lovely and clear.
Obviously this piece of scum doesn't know that not all cameras actually look like cameras and those dome shaped things are also cameras.
The police have, nonetheless, been called about it and passed CCTV footage and Streetforce have been and cleaned and sterilised the area.

Mobile Phones... a lesson to learn

Today I had to pop into the Orange shop. My HTC Diamond has a little charging problem (the USB port is working loose and it's going erratic). Apparently, I may end up with a different phone as they no longer have Diamonds in stock.Anyway, whilst I was in there I overheard a conversation I've heard on numerous occasions... Woman: "I was just using it and the screen cracked... then it went all the way down and went multi coloured"Orange Staff Member: "Is it insured?" Woman: "No, but I didn't drop it. It's never been dropped" Me (under my breath - coughed): "Bollocks" It seems every time I have to go into a mobile phone shop, be it Carphone Warehouse (DO NOT USE - ABYSMAL), T-Mobile (not bad) or Orange (rather good actually) I hear someone in there explaining that their phone just "broke whilst I was using it". C'mon, idiots - it's a thing you carry with you at all times. It gets thrown in bags, pockets, sat on, squashe…

Building Demolition Epic Fail

Building Demolition Epic Fail
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I went past this building on Penistone Road this weekend and noticed the contractors had started chipping away at the lower levels taking out the exterior walls ready to collapse it.

Today... well I think the building made up it's own mind to collapse and fell hitting the unit next door.


Contractor epic fail!

Push Button Publishing

I love blogger.I used to blog on Livejournal, but that went crap... you couldn't customise your layout enough, and they reduced what free users could do. I tried tumblr, but all the blogs looked the same, and you couldn't edit the raw HTML of the post in the same way. I've been on blogger now for a few years - and I also like it's policies... you can say what you like and you're not moderated (much). You're not answerable to some administrator who threatens to delete your blog if you say something they don't like... and you self moderate. The problem is - when you get a twat on your blog it's very difficult to delete them - as I recently had on the Manning blog (also run through my Blogger account)... why they seem to think we need links to Thai Prostitutes is beyond me... ? - and why they think it's relevant to an article about Volcanic Ash is even more beyond me (unless of course the ash forced our plane to divert via Thailand and we felt like gettin…

Hello! Don't come in. Just go away and disappear.

Have you ever had that feeling that you're really not welcome somewhere?I somewhere very recently where I previously had a lot of involvement, and I was given the cold shoulder... in fact I'd go as far as to say I was shunned. Is it a case of I know too much, or just they really don't like me, or just pure jealousy? I don't know... and I actually don't care, but just a simple "please don't darken our hall again" would be nice because then I'd know where I stand.

Dr. Who goes old skool.

Am I the only person who thinks the last episodes of Doctor Who were a little hark to the old Dr Who series?

Please, admit your waist size.

It's a known fact that a whole three quarters of British men buy the wrong size trousers.It's also a fact that British clothing retailers also stock the sizes people buy - after all, it's poor sense not to. As an observant person, I observe, and sometimes I shudder at what people do because they don't want to stick their hand up and say "yes I've put on weight" like our rather stock photo type guy at right. I'm not small, I admit I have a belly, but I'm also rather well built and have trouble getting "my size" of jeans over my thighs. Yeah, I should have been a rugby player - and indeed at School was rather better than you'd imagine at the game. I am usually in the loose category of 38"-40" waist (occasionally 42" but that's if the sizes are teeny - Burtons... take note) and in leather jeans - I just try them on as most sizing is "yeah, we think it's a 38" so we'll put a 34" tag on there. Today,…