You never visit what's near you.

It's always the truth that you never visit or appreciate what's nearby. Take Bolsover Castle for example - just off Junction 29A of the M1 and less than half an hour's drive away - and I've never been.

Well I have now - as we met up with Hannah's parents and enjoyed a day at the castle. Not quite a Mediaeval castle - more mock Mediaeval rich man's playhouse, but still impressive.

I'm rather impressed with my cupola picture...

The other visitors were rather bemused by a bloke in a black shirt and leather trousers laying on the floor, sticking a camera up in the air, and taking photos of the ceiling, or the same bloke setting up a camera on "The Pod" and taking a self portrait of himself sitting on some old steps... which gets me onto...

TOURISTS. Why do they insist on spoiling your shot by walking straight across, dreaming, in a world of their own... and in the case of the annoying kid (deleted from the top shot thanks to The Gimp and a second shot without me in the frame) who kept sticking his head into frame just as the self timer pips doubled in speed indicating the last 2 seconds...?

I suppose they's day PHOTOGRAPHERS... just why do they lay on the floor and take photos at strange angles?

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