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... old friends ... and the BST argument

3/086:365 - Joe Lazarus 11 years on.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I was rather surprised a few weeks ago to find that some old music friends, Keith and Dave Angel were playing a gig at the Doncaster Civic Theatre with their current band The Angel Brothers.

What was more surprising however, was to find out that the entirety of Joe Lazarus, my old 1990's band of approx 2 and a half years were going to be there too.

Anyway, off I went to the Civic, and sure enough I was greeted by Dan Evans and Chris Perkins. Neither Wayne nor Paul showed...

However - what you see here is the three of us - 11 years after the original band split up, and actually - not looking too different, if a little older...

Today, I lost an hour. I searched everywhere, under the fridge - down the gaps in the sofa - even behind the toilet where I normally daren't go, but no... it's gone. Forever.

This, of course, brings up that old plum of "Oh we should go onto BST for good, or bring our time in…

Counting out Time...

3/084:365 - Counting out Time
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway It's just 35 days to RoSfest now and it is approaching rapidly. I'm striking days of the calendar at an alarming rate and this time want to be prepared.

I've started preparing my things for it - today's pay day was used on a visit to Boots for various travel toiletries (damn that 100ml hand luggage limit).

I got my flight case at last... why are these things so expensive?

Embarrassing Song Lyrics

I'm lucky being with Manning that I don't have to endure any cringe making embarrassing song lyrics...
At 5: anything with "Play with Fire / You're gonna get burnt"... eeeeeew for god's sake just stop it.
At 4: Wizards and Pixies - anything mentioning anything to do with fantasy - especially in Progressive rock music. Marillion and King Crimson went there in the 70's and 80's and it just isn't funny any more.
At 3: "Life is a Rollercoaster just gotta ride it". Ronan, just fuck off.
At 2: "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride... and I'm wanted Dead or Alive". As if the first line wasn't bad enough, the second in this Bon Jovi "trashic" just makes me sick in my own mouth.
At 1 - the WORST LYRICS of all time... "I listen to the melody, the words and the chorus, no 20 minute solo's, cos I'm not a brontosaurus" (Tara's Secret - bless 'em) - because it DOESN'T HAVE TO RHYME!

Anyway, after tha…


Last night we played, what I believe, is the most powerful and tightest gig we have ever played as Manning. I could hear all the band really well thanks to rather good monitoring (Nightingale Audio Systems bless ya) and without a doubt the new line-up of the band was so together it was frightening!

I'm not sure how we did on merchandise, but we came away with a nice lump sum from the door take which will now be put in the kitty to fund America.

This got me thinking... and I'm sorry to go on here because I did say I wasn't going to mention a previous band ever again, but in the context of things I believe this is warranted...

In all the time I was in a previous band I piled almost £4000 into recording an album I get very little recognition on and absolutely no money out of - so much so that I now actually disowned the album (I'm not proud of it and I don't think it shows me as a good bassist), plus it cost us £2000+ to tour Europe... and for what?

After all that gigging…

Not Guilty!

The police evidence looked shakey... mine looked good.
The magistrates decided that I was not guilty.
I might now have a beer...

Thursday... bloody Thursday

OK, so McDonalds does have it's benefits - cheap, acceptable coffee and Free WiFi. Without McDonalds I wouldn't be here typing this now. Sadly their vegetarian options are still rather poor although some branches of Burger King now do a Veggie Burger (which is Vegetarian Society Approved).
Anyway, I an issue today - first of all this afternoon - the Court hearing (read: me versus the Police). I'm fighting the law... I hope the law doesn't win, but if they do, I'd love to know why and will appeal - I have a hell of a lot of evidence including phone logs for all company phones (from Orange), Bills, a letter from my Doctor, and a witness. They have.... er... 2 coppers who said they saw me using a mobile phone whilst driving - from 10 metres away - on a bright sunny October day with deep shadows and a low sun.
It's not the Court case that's bothering me, it's the waste of public money for something so trivial which is why I am fighting it all the way rather t…

London - Part 2

well... what can I say, except that pissing and whining DOES get results from time to time...
I arrived back at Kings Cross with just over an hour to go till my train. I know - I'll go to the first class lounge and use the free WIFI and power to charge my laptop.
I entered checkpoint charlie (otherwise known as Mr. Jobsworth) and was told "oh you can't go there with that ticket"...
Yes... apparently East Coast Trains have many intricate levels of First Class varying from totally shite, to gold plated shite... and had I had an "open" ticket I could go in the lounge, but with my meagre "advance" ticket I had to pay £5 for the "upgrade" to go in the lounge.
Oh East Coast Trains, you're endearing yourselves to me even more all the time!
Well... I blew my top!
After the shitty journey I had yesterday with no trolley service, and absolutely no point in bloody well bothering with first class (except perhaps the half dozen "complimentary"…

Kris's big London adventure... Part 1

Sunday Afternoon... 3:15pm...The start of a long journey via the wonders of our rail network to London. Two trains, 1 change, and First Class thanks to a little known thing called the "Internet" which allows you to check the price difference between Standard and First class - and book said tickets if they are cheap enough.
The price difference for me was under 5 pounds, which bearing in mind for two journeys I can spend that on Coffee - free in First Class.
That... however... was where the happy happy joy joy moment ended.
Arriving at Doncaster I was told many times over the tannoy that the train was Standing Only in both Standard and First Class. I had a ticket with a reserved seat, so no problem... and indeed I had no problems getting my seat.
Sadly I discovered that they had stopped the complimentary trolley service because they "couldn't get through". Remind me again why I purchased a First Class ticket...?
A fairly event free journey followed to London - althou…

Just a big ol' bummer...

I recently encountered homophobia on a major scale...

On a recent job, a young apprentice kept making rather offensive comments about gay people. I decided he needed to be taught a lesson, and being about twice the size of him I led him on to a rumour that I was gay.

He suddenly clammed up, then started making comments that "he had gay friends"... etc. and then kept out of my way. Not a bad thing really because he was annoying me.

He obviously told his boss at some point because later that afternoon when I mentioned that I was married and mentioned Hannah. His boss said "you're married? oh we thought you batted for the other team - that's alright then" and then proceeded to make... wait for it... offensive comments about gay people.

I then found out his boss was his father...

Like father like son I guess.

On a slightly lighter note, it's a year since Uber Chav Jade Goody shuffled off her mortal coil. It's amazing how many jokes exist about her...

Embarrassing Bodies?

I've just watched a little bit of Embarrassing Bodies, brought to you by the very Danish Christian Jessen (pictured left).
Now the question is... if you had a little problem with your brown hoop which meant it needed to be cut up in a rather severe way... would you go on national television and show the world your balloon knot?
It takes a special kind of person to do such a thing.
Just as it takes a special kind of person to wear such an ugly shirt as the one he was just wearing... it resembled an accident in a Blackpool Rock factory.

Park where you please?

Why do some people think it is acceptable to totally block a footpath with their cars/vans?

Today I was witness to some arrogant contractors who obviously didn't have any problems with committing such an offence. They blocked the footpath at a major junction, parking one vehicle virtually overlapping the tactiles at the lights.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but as someone who carries out building works around the area I generally ensure I am considerate to neighbours and surrounding businesses when working...

I've had a bad week on the roads this week - a Jacksons Builders Merchants lorry pulled out on me earlier this week, and I've been unable to tax my van due to insurance companies faffing around... oh well.

Meanwhile on planet earth...

The USA trip is now taking shape - flights are planned, trips to the US Embassy planned... and I've made plans to travel down there (first class!) to deal with the visa.

Also... I'm sure the bloke who works at our local post office…