What an uncultured lot we are!

I'm amazed and rather shocked today at how uncultured we are becoming!

A Gentleman is no longer a Gentleman - when was the last time you ever saw the writing "Gentlemen" on a toilet block? - these days we usually get a little picture of a man with two legs and the woman balancing on one leg.

I found this out when attempting to buy an item to enable me to wear my dress shirt onstage whilst being able to play bass and look smart.

The item in question is a pair of armbands. Not the dayglo orange items you stick around your arms when you can't swim, but the silver or gold spring-like bands to hold the upper sleeves of a dress shirt in.

No-one sells them on the high street any more, not even the local tailors. What does the modern Gent do when he wants to dress up dapper?

More to the point - why do I always have to put a 2nd button hole in a shirt to make it take cufflinks? It's a damn good job I can sew!

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