Facebook - the latest target for scammers.

Facebook is being swamped just lately by scammers.

In traditional 5 things style - here's 5 things that you can't get on Facebook by joining groups of becoming a fan of or adding an application.

1. Gold Accounts. They don't exist. Simple.

2. A dislike button. Same again. No such thing (yet) although when Facebook decide to add it you'll know about it.

3. See who's looking at your profile. I can tell you who is - people who are your friends (provided you've set it private)... otherwise, anyone. The lists generated are random - if you don't believe me, run the app twice in quick succession.

4. You can't have the old layout back.

5. You can't change the layout or colours of your profile. They all look the same. Fact.

Finally... will people stop inviting me to groups and become fans of things I don't give a shit about?