RoSfest preps

Getting ready for RoSfest and other gigs is certainly taking a lot of thinking about.

Today I started on my visa application... it's not easy!

Meanwhile, we're standardising the band "image" at present... sadly, my leathers may end up going away onstage (although that's perhaps not a bad thing for the present as I think I would be better wearing them offstage, as you will know, leather trousers aren't easy to wash!) [edit] leather is acceptable [end edit]

Anyway, as a last little pic... here's me, and my bass, posing.

Now it's time for bed... it's Sunday, and I'm up at 6:30 and I need my 7 hours beauty sleep.

Before I go... should I grow some hair back?

I really like bald (although it's harder to upkeep than you would believe), but Hannah doesn't. She says I have a weird ridge at the back of my head (probably where my brain is slipping out)... I suppose you can't win 'em all...
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