Rewiring complete... for now

3/002:365 - Shocking
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We now have lots of new sockets, and lights working throughout the house again after I replaced sections of this stuff (pictured) with modern PVC cable.

The stuff I replaced was in a really sorry state, with the insulation cracking off as soon as I touched it. Rather scarily - this stuff has no earth (it carries just Live and Neutral) which means that the lights in the front of the house have never been earthed... something I did suspect to be honest.

The work is complete for now, but I've left the floorboards loosely fitted in readiness for more new sockets at the front of the house this coming year when we decorate the living room, taking in the front bedroom and small 3rd bedroom thus allowing me to disconnect and turn off the upstairs ring main and replace it with a much safer radial circuit.