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RoSfest preps

Getting ready for RoSfest and other gigs is certainly taking a lot of thinking about.

Today I started on my visa application... it's not easy!

Meanwhile, we're standardising the band "image" at present... sadly, my leathers may end up going away onstage (although that's perhaps not a bad thing for the present as I think I would be better wearing them offstage, as you will know, leather trousers aren't easy to wash!) [edit] leather is acceptable [end edit]

Anyway, as a last little pic... here's me, and my bass, posing.

Now it's time for bed... it's Sunday, and I'm up at 6:30 and I need my 7 hours beauty sleep.

Before I go... should I grow some hair back?

I really like bald (although it's harder to upkeep than you would believe), but Hannah doesn't. She says I have a weird ridge at the back of my head (probably where my brain is slipping out)... I suppose you can't win 'em all...

Blog public again

The little thing which caused my blog to go private has been resolved... enough said, but you won't ever see me at my former band's gigs or involved with that band ever again... and I feel better now.

Today, someone pulled out on me in the van and broke it. I'm gutted because I love my van even if it is old and rusty it's mine! I hope the insurance company will repair it and don't write it off because that would be sad.

I suppose you know by now, but at RoSfest we'll be sharing the stage with Renaissance. Yay! I like that idea!

That's all I have to say for today really... until my next post...
Here's a nice picture of me... I just took it and really liked it. As you notice, my flickr is still on lockdown so I'm using my blog and facebook to share my photos as I can control who sees them more.

And now - a full update

I've had a rather chaotic few days, as you can probably guess.

Firstly, I've locked down my flickr photostream. Sadly this breaks many links around my own blog, and the web in general, but I was fed up (really) of idiots and freaks deciding my photos were there to do with as they wished... bands, labels, anyone - the little "all rights reserved" bit seems to make no difference at all.

Friday was the last snowy day... or should I say the last day with any amount of snow on the ground. A rainy night put paid to that and caused flooding all over the place and on Saturday Morning you wouldn't have believed we'd had any snow at all!

The BOTY awards night was a good night, but I am growing very weary of the same old same old which seems to dog the awards. The blinkered attitude of many voters who decided that IQ's rather lacklustre album Frequency was the best thing since their last rather lacklustre album does annoy me. In my opinion, IQ's last actual really …

Photo Lockdown

I've locked down my flickr photostream. Sadly this means many articles previously linking to my flickr photos will now display unavailable links.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause - future images on this blog will be hosted on my Picasa image hosting which will be my more public photos.

Tired... but why?

ay I feel absolutely wasted today... but I can't figure out why.
Am I coming down with something? - I don't feel like I am... although my neck is rather sore.

On a lighter note - rehearsals start again tomorrow! Yay! It's been too long since the last one.
Snow still covers most of the ground although we have a noticeable thaw now taking place and today it has drizzled on and off with sleet intermingled in with it... quite horrible weather actually... and it's now almost 11 o'clock and the temperature is still 0.8 degrees even though it's been dark for about 6 hours.

The big freeeeeeeze

Kilnhurst Canal Frozen
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway On Tuesday morning, it started to snow....

On Tuesday afternoon, it continued to snow....

On Tuesday night, it slowed down and stopped.

By 9pm Tuesday, about 6 inches of snow sat on the ground and made the world look so clean and wonderfully bright.

On Wednesday, flurries and showers topped up the snow on the ground and added about another half inch to the already tall snowfall atop the fences.

It's now Thursday, and the snow is sitting at about 4" deep after some element of self compaction... tonight is forecast to be very cold and for Friday morning we may have fresh snow.

It looks like this is a proper old fashioned winter then!

I must make one of these!

how to: rainbow cake!
Originally uploaded by a.meadowlark Thanks to omnomicon for supplying instructions to make a Rainbow Cake.

Apart from using a non-mix recipe, I hope to create a similar effect to this... but then we'll see eh?

The problem is... the recipe card would have to say "artificial colours were used in the creation of the recipe".
I will, of course, blog my results.

Rewiring complete... for now

3/002:365 - Shocking
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway We now have lots of new sockets, and lights working throughout the house again after I replaced sections of this stuff (pictured) with modern PVC cable.

The stuff I replaced was in a really sorry state, with the insulation cracking off as soon as I touched it. Rather scarily - this stuff has no earth (it carries just Live and Neutral) which means that the lights in the front of the house have never been earthed... something I did suspect to be honest.

The work is complete for now, but I've left the floorboards loosely fitted in readiness for more new sockets at the front of the house this coming year when we decorate the living room, taking in the front bedroom and small 3rd bedroom thus allowing me to disconnect and turn off the upstairs ring main and replace it with a much safer radial circuit.