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Happy New Year

2/363:365 - NYE-2
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Yeah... happy new year... and happy new DECADE!!!

The 2nd decade of the 21st Century (and I know all you pedantic types will say "but the 2nd decade doesn't start till next year" so kindly point you here).

Anyway, as they say... Happy New Year!

(and the piggies have finally decided to give me a court date for the mobile phone thingy... and the statements... ooooohhhh kids in GCSE's copy less!)

A Busmans Holiday

2/362:365 - Busmans Holiday
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Yesterday and today I've been doing general electrical work on our own house (yes... our own house). I've fitted 4 new power points (kitchen, living room x 4,in 2 places, landing) and have had to disconnect two lights in the house because the wiring is the old fashioned rubber cable and is in a pretty rough state.

I've also fitted a new radiator in the bedroom (replaced the old one because it was too small).

Christmas was very nice... we went to Hannah's parents for Christmas Dinner and Boxing Day. I got Zelda - Spirit Tracks and Professor Layton - Pandora's Box, as well as many other presents.

Now what to do... well eat pie and peas first of all cos they'll be done soon!

Those toys from your childhood...

Does anyone remember a toy they owned in their childhood which when they see one brings back such powerful memories?

Well mine is pictured at left. It's called a Lil Genius and was made by Coleco around 1980. I had one of these at Junior School - it was like a calculator, but not quite... you had to type in the entire sum and it would tell you if you got the answer right or wrong by flashing either the left (green) eye or the right (red) eye... ah the joys of no LCD or Vacuum tube displays... just a couple of light emitting diodes to tell you everything!

Ah the 80's were good.

I bought Rage against the Machine.

In this amazing race for the #1 Christmas single, I think Rage against the Machine deserve the spot.


Well, I could say this isn't a personal thing against Cowell, Cole and the mindless drivel that is X Factor. But it's not the truth.

This is indeed personal. I am fed up of the "powers that be" in TV pumping out mindless, over-hyped, piss poor drivel that is the endless number of talent shows and manufacturing insipid but not unattractive "musicians". These people are NOT musicians. They are glorified karaoke singers with an ability to hold a tune. They seldom know how to read music, or how to compose a song, or even - shockingly - how to play a musical instrument.

Rage against the Machine is our rock fans personal way of saying "er... we're here". We buy a SELECTION of tracks and albums throughout the year, so the singles chart is hardly valid now is it? but when we pull together we can even scare Cowell.

Keep it up Rock Fans!

The great dog poo conundrum.

Do dogs in the northern hemisphere curl their poo anti-clockwise and dogs in the southern hemisphere curl it clockwise?

I just don't know!

Adventures in Shopping

I had to go shopping. First of all I spent a mortgage on printer ink. Why is printer ink so expensive? - I'm now refilling all our cartridges but for the Photosmart we currently haven't had a spare set. That's now rectified and refilling will start immediately! I did manage a rather good package in Staples for under £40 for all 6 inks!

Onwards to Parkgate Retail World. A place I can only say I "tolerate". It causes traffic hell, takes shoppers out of Rotherham, and actually isn't that cheap... but it is home to Boots and I needed stuff from Boots. Upon entering Retail World I drove my little van up a parking line and saw a space... until a Peugeot 206 convertible driver had different ideas. She had her space, but she decided to reverse out straight into my path... but then stopped when she saw me. Rather than do the sensible thing and pull back into her space she sat in the middle of the lane blocking it expecting me to reverse back up into the queue of traff…

Top 5 CD's of the first Decade, plus some I'd rather forget.

Yep, I'm absolutely fed up of all these "best CD's of..." which merely rely on artists previous releases and bolster absolutely talentless people, or reward for diabolical formulaeic songwriting and cliched releases.

I've was a director of a well known prog organisation for a long time, and was involved for an even longer time, and have heard a hell of a lot of releases... some of which concern me...

Here we go:

1. Sylvan - Artificial Paradise
It's amazing. Put quite literally. Metal, blended with prog, blended with rap. Some superb musicianship and some brilliant basslines. Sylvan's finest hour and even they haven't managed to top it. The title track is around 20 minutes of sheer bliss, but in all honesty there isn't a weak track on the album and it just gels together so well. If you don't have it, why not?

2. Kate Bush - Aerial
A slightly more commercial release, but poetic lyrics and, in particular on the second CD of the batch "a sky of hon…
Ok, so the first news - I'm bloody tired!. I need a break now, and in just over a week and a bit I'll be getting one.

The last week or so has been rather hectic - Manning have finished now for the Christmas break and our next rehearsal is in January. Tim is fitting in really well with the band and it feels great to have such a talented keyboard player in the band. I'm certain it can only be for the best.

Sunday was a Neville archery practice. To say I hadn't shot for about 3 months I actually managed to sink my 3 of first 6 shots straight into the target at 30 paces... it does surprise me the amount of power behind even a fairly low powered longbow. The bow in question (45lbs) managed to sink a bodkin all the way through the target such that the arrow head came out of the other side. At least that explains Agincourt.

In other news, I've been told a couple of times this week that I wear leather well.

Yeah... I know. I do wear a lot of leather, but, well, I like it.

Apparently, flickr is fascist?!

I was quite surprised to find this blog.

What surprised me even more is the size of the chip this guy has on his shoulder... in fact, I'd say he has a whole sack of spuds weighing him down.

He published pictures which were against flickr TOS, got his account deleted, and therefore decided to take it out on the rest of flickr by "grassing" on people who he thinks are violating and breaching flickr's TOS.

Flickr is a great place to be with some good people on there. I personally have learned loads about composition etc. and have made loads of new friends on there, so message to dickhead if ever he reads this - leave Flickr alone.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

2/344:365 - Iridescent
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A trip around South and West Yorkshire today on the train... Portable Appliance Testing. God it was cold! I have 2 coats on and I was still cold!... and why does Elsecar only have 1 train an hour? poor Elsecar.

When I arrived home the sun had set and the sky had flared up the most beautiful blue... I had to get my self portrait even if I did only have my camera phone with me. I think you'll agree it's a beaut.

Now the final question is... what the f**k is st* (I removed a letter for safety reasons) because Gino (ex Neville) keeps sending me emails about it. Obviously - he has a trojan on his computer - and obviously I would recommend you DON'T visit that site as, like you get told regularly on the internet, nothing in this world is free - and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I feel small...

2/341:365 - I feel small
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway The last few days have been an interesting time for me.

On Friday I popped into the Montgomery Hall to see Pallas and generally just see people (and drop off the Wasp box). The Montgom doesn't feel nice for me any more since the events of earlier this year with Fireguard being c**ts. The nice thing is for every customer they took off us (that'll be 1 then), we took... hmm... about 14 of theirs. The reason? - well I'll leave it to you to decide, but I have a good relationship with my customers and look after them very well and always deal personally with their problems.

Pallas were great - I wish I could have stayed around for the gig. They played "The Cross & The Crucible" for me and it was muchly goodly.

Over the weekend I did very little - we had friends over and played games on Saturday. Settlers of Qutan (sp?) is a superb board game... must get a copy. It reminds me of Sid Meier's Civilisa…

Hello Progeny, Farewell Rotherham Rocks

So Progeny seems now to be occupying the space previously occupied by Rotherham Rocks (my birthday weekend - usually 2nd weekend in May).

I suppose we have to move on, but I do fear this is the end of CRS gigs in Rotherham as they begin to move down south, then again - if you live in Daventry, would you book your gigs in Rotherham?

RIP Rotherham Rocks? .... probably.

For the record - I doubt I will be at Progeny... another festival the week after RoSfest may be a bit much to ask my poor ears for...