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Tea Dance in the Oasis
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I occasionally do work in Meadowhall (which for all it's failings is a rather splendid money-making shrine to which many millions flock every year).

I personally don't like the place - it's a perfect shopping centre where everything is geared up to making you spend the almighty pound, and it's very successful at it - although at the cost of Rotherham and Sheffield centres which have now undergone a major change in alignment and lost many of their major chain stores (Rotherham has been double whammied by Parkgate Retail World also).

When I arrived at 8:30, the place was deserted - about 10 people walked the aisles, and most of them were security. By 10am, it was a bustling shopping centre and was filled with hundreds of shoppers. When I left at 11:30am... 10 drivers were eyeing up where I walked to ready to pounce on my parking space!

What did I do at Meadowhall? - well lots - but I'd have to kill you if I…

When Flash games get good...

I am a Warzone Tower Defence GOD!
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I used to think Flash games were a bit rubbish... then I discovered Warzone Tower Defence from mad cow interactive.

Sadly, I've now got to the point that I'm so good at it I now have to quit the game or deliberately end it else face it running on for hours.

I'm now playing the 20 towers limit version... definitely not that easy.

An eventless week (not)

New Three dongle
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway OK, so this week has been rather exciting on a number of fronts so perhaps the title was a lie.

Sorry, I know, I shouldn't lie...

1. Hannah is doing well.

2. I broke my Three dongle. Damned USB plugs are so weak - like SCART plugs, only not as big but still as crap. I bought a new one (pictured) to replace it - my they are getting fancy now with flashy lights and internal batteries and things which compared to my old Huawei black wedge is uber snazzy. I still retained my old SIM as I have 1200 text messages to use...

3. My sister-in-law's birthday is today.

oh and the final bit of rather exciting news?

WE GOT A KEYBOARD PLAYER!!! - more info to follow soon.

You credit card is suspend (funny)

You'd think if scammers and phishers were trying to get my credit card details, they'd try harder than this:
Hello Guest Visa Card Your credit card is suspend, because we notice a problom on your card.
We determine that someone be using your card without your permission. For your protection, we suspend you credit card. To lift the suspension, (click here) and follow instructions indicate to update your credit card.Note: If this is not complete on 22 November 2009, we forced to suspend your card indefiniment because it can be used fraudulentThank you,
Customer Support ServiceCopyright 1999-2009 VerifedbyVisa. All rights reserves.

I think this is one for submission to Engrish just because it amused, and bewildered me. Do people still fall for these? I should seriously hope no-one fell for this one.

Patient Confidentiality?

Patient Confidentiality?
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I was rather bemused today when a member of staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary left this trolley in the middle of the 6th floor lift lobby for around 3 minutes.

It contained confidential patient records and I'm sure the patients in question would agree with me that this shouldn't have happened.

I have raised an issue with the hospital about this.

John and Edward... WHAT are they?

John and Edward in strange suits
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway You can't have missed the last few months (years... or at least it feels that way) with the strange creatures from Ireland, John and Edward Grimes (Jedward) taking over the bandwidth of Facebook whenever X-Factor is on.

This, however, is the bottom of the barrel when the Irish twonks truss up in badly fitting shiny leather (or at least some bizarre coated material) suits and strut their "fonky" stuff to a bastardised version of the classic Queen/Bowie Under Pressure. Whilst this song isn't one of my favourite Queen tracks, it still doesn't deserve this hideous train crash doing to it.

Dreadful... and for those with a strong constitution you can see the video on Youtube, but I'd recommend you don't.

Printers... I hate clucking printers!

Cats Eyes
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I recently ran my little Canon ip90 laptop printer out of ink. OK, I thought... off to Staples to get a refill.

"Oh we don't do that ink anymore"


"We've stopped doing Canon 15 and 16 cartridges"

PC World

"Yeah we sell them, but you need to remortgage your house and sell a kidney for a full set"... why did I bother even going to PC world?

Thank god for Cartridge World - I took up my old empties, refilled them, and for less than £20 I have 3 full sets to go at. Phew!

I wouldn't mind but it's not as if it's a very old printer - about 4 years old - and to be told "oh it's obsolete" is just irritating.

On to today's picture...

Yeah, I just thought I'd share a beautiful picture of my cat, Tigger.

I know... sappy... but I love her even if she is a whingey, stinky old moggy.

Remember, Remember

2/309:365 - Remember, Remember
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I love the nights around this time of year... the mists settle in and the lighting becomes subdued.

October and November are wonderful months in the lead up to the cold of December.

Samhain went well, and something tells me this year is going to be much better than last (well it can't get any worse!).

Bonfire Night, whilst not a favourite of mine, was nice. I managed a few photos of fireworks, but nothing spectacular - but with this photo I think I excelled myself! - It's my self portrait for 5th November and is a very long exposure - 8 seconds - and I felt like a right pratt holding a "walking" position for that length of time... in fact it was like Victorian Dad taking a photo!