Why you shouldn't tailgate...

An "unnecessary 4x4 owner" (seeeth) yesterday learnt a lesson.

Driving through the roadworks between Junction 33 and Junction 35 on the M1 I was tailgated very closely by a 4x4... now normally they annoy me anyway when they do this, but he was REALLY CLOSE. It's 50mph (SPECS speed camera system, folks) and I was indeed in a line of traffic doing 50.

When I came to leave the M1 at J35, I drove up the slip road - not hanging around and doing about 60-65... Mr. 4x4 came flying up behind me waiting to turn right... and then followed me... and then tailgated me very closely again - all through the 30 zone of Thorpe Hesley.

Anyhow... a couple of hard brakes in front of him, and then a glare out of the back window certainly sorted that... but it wasn't me who did the sorting out. No, after the second stop and glare his missus started REALLY going off on one at him and she gave him a slap!