The end of the CRS road for me.

2/237:365 - Strength.
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I've made my decision, I've thought about it for ages.

Myself and the Classic Rock Society are to part ways. I can't carry on devoting the time I have previously to the CRS. Manning must come first for me now - it's my time to enjoy my music from the stage and not the pit or the wings.

It's not just a time thing either... I am absolutely fed up to the back teeth of Manning being called the "CRS Bitch Band" and getting told "Manning only get these gigs because..." and then tethering the CRS in there. There you go. Rumours squashed. Let's rely purely on talent eh?

I will retain my shareholding in the CRS (5%) and you may occasionally see me at gigs - however - I would expect my appearances to be rare although on these occasions I probably would still help out when required.

December's Manning gig will still go on as usual because after all - we are now just another band using the superb facilities provided by the CRS, as well as earning money for the CRS which is still a damn good cause.