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2/239:365 - Reeling
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today has been a pretty f*cked up carbuncle of a day.

Apart from a random meeting with a flickr friend, it's a weird sort of picking up the pieces day.

The pieces of me deciding my time with the CRS is up... but making sure I don't leave people in the lurch (yes, I'll be at Magenta but not as early as I used to go), but also of picking up the pieces of the entire Manning thing.

As a little nicety - it's lovely to read an album review which names someone else intead of you as the bassist. Nice. Just for the record - I wrote the basslines and played them all on the first Crimes of Passion album. Not bitter here, but credit where credit's due eh and er... read the cover notes?

The picture for today shows me leaning against a fence. I don't have time to lean against fences often, but this one needed leaning against as apart from my family and Manning it seems the solidity of the planet is the only stable thin…

The end of the CRS road for me.

2/237:365 - Strength.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've made my decision, I've thought about it for ages.

Myself and the Classic Rock Society are to part ways. I can't carry on devoting the time I have previously to the CRS. Manning must come first for me now - it's my time to enjoy my music from the stage and not the pit or the wings.

It's not just a time thing either... I am absolutely fed up to the back teeth of Manning being called the "CRS Bitch Band" and getting told "Manning only get these gigs because..." and then tethering the CRS in there. There you go. Rumours squashed. Let's rely purely on talent eh?

I will retain my shareholding in the CRS (5%) and you may occasionally see me at gigs - however - I would expect my appearances to be rare although on these occasions I probably would still help out when required.

December's Manning gig will still go on as usual because after all - we are now just another band using the s…

Today's post is brought to you by the numbers 3 and 0

I sometimes feel a sense of dread.

I sometimes feel a serious sense of dread.

I sometimes worry about the people I have to share the roads with...

Why do I spend far too much of my life following wankers who drive at 35-40mph on a perfectly straight and clear 60 road, only to pass the 30 speed limit sign and see them disappear into the distance still doing 35-40mph when I decide to obey the speed limit?

I can imagine what these pricks would say to the police when pulled in for speeding:

"Well I don't drive fast"

The same people who when I'm going 30mph in a 30mph speed limit sit 6' from my rear bumper, only to be left behind when I accelerate up to 60mph when we pass the national speed limit sign?

Rant over.

Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.

I have decided to colour my hair again. Not bleach, not boring... in fact you could say this picture was my inspiration. It's now blue at the front, purple across the top and red at the back - nicely blended of course.

It's coloured with:
Rusk Scream Colors (Passion Purple and Rage Red)
Renbow Crazy Color (Capri Blue)

Note the latter is an English made product but is spelt using the nasty American spelling of colour. It only works on bleached hair (you see my hair a few weeks ago!?) but looks stunning when it's applied and only takes about 15 minutes to actually take.

It says professional use only, but to be honest apart from a few harmless food colourings I can't actually see anything in the ingredients that could make it particularly hazardous... most of the ingredients are contained in the average shampoo... I wonder if it works on beards... ;-)

So far the response has been mixed... the guys and gals at one of my customers thought it was rather cool, but silly.…

James' Birthday BBQ

James' Birthday BBQ
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I came... I saw... I ate.

flickr has pictures!

When you shouldn't post a photo on your website...

I've recently been building the new website for Manning and it has given me a little bit of an insight into what constitutes a BAD band photograph and a GOOD band photograph. I give you the example at right - I won't name the band (unless you email me and REALLLYYYY PLEAD) but the example in question shows a few faults:

The lighting is awful - it looks like it was photographed with the house lights on!Why do the band NOT actually fit together at all? - we have clubland singer, with mekkal guitarist.The backdrop is awful - again the stage generally looks like a working mens club.It's too wide! - not a problem if you're getting a photo of 2000 audience members, but where's the audience here?We were offered this gig as Deadline and we declined it. I am so glad we did!

Now my second example is how you SHOULD take a gig photo. This was taken in a similar sized venue, but has the advantages of both experience and equipment. Believe it or not this venue had less than 30 peo…

Just shoot me when...

... I decide to follow in the tradition of many bands who are doing the "scene" these days and go out as xxxxx's xxxxxxx...

I'm sorry if I sound opinionated, and I often do, but why do many of these original artists form bands around one particular member - who often wasn't actually that major a member - and then strut around with their ego swinging like a pair of cannonballs dangling between their legs?... and why are so many of them the band whose CD's you find in the wire mesh bins at the end of the aisle in Woolies HMV for £2.99?

May I add one exception here though - Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash which is FAR SUPERIOR in both performance and attitude to another Wishbone Ash and certainly doesn't need a wheelbarrow of any type to get the ego into the room...

There. I said it.

Kris Hudson-Lee's Manning.... nope, doesn't work for me either.

I bet Classic Rock magazine regret this:

Woodstock Comes To The UK

Classic Rock sponsored tribute to the greatest 60s festival announced for the UK.
Classic Rock is proud to announce its involvement with the the 40th anniversary
Memories Of Woodstock festival, taking place August 7-9 at the West Midlands Showground – Shrewsbury.

The three day event features artists who played the original Woodstock in upstate New York in 1969 with the likes of Alvin Lee and Jefferson Starship taking to the stage. Other acts confirmed so far include Asia, Focus, Barclay James Harvest, Jethro Tull, Melanie, Carl Palmer – and a rare appearance by San Francisco psychedelic folk-rockers It’s A Beautiful Day.

Organiser Brian Davies promises flower-power and peace and love galore. He commented: “When the 1969 Woodstock came about it was – and still is – the greatest festival ever anywhere. Many of you today missed this event. Here now is the chance to make amends and see what it was like at that festival…”

Check back for more announcements – or find out …


Cambridge Rock Festival (webshots)
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway The Cambridge Rock Festival was superb! - an amazing gig, with an amazing crowd and an absolutely superb experience. Here's a photo.

Sadly, there is bad news to follow this superb gig... but that's for later. I'm still on a high.