What a week... what a week!

Today was Wardstock. Yay!... sorry I can't tell you any more but it's a shhhhh secret.

Earlier today, well I found the Dragon Bridge in the woods at the back of Monkwood. I couldn't believe this thing has been here since 2002 and I've never known about it. The entire area has such a nice vibe about it I may visit more. It's such a lovely area.

Finally... you won't be seeing Manning at the Studio, Hartlepool this October because we've cancelled it. It's basically a matter of greed and attitude but you don't invoice a band 4 months before a gig, then send a stroppy email about paying for it before doors open... sorry, but we're a bit above running away with the money and some things do exist on trust alone.

Finally... is my mohawk looking cool on this photo or what?