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Manning for RoSfest

2/212:365 - Big Announcement!
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I can now announce, after many months of absolutely bursting to blurt it out - Manning are playing RoSfest 2010.

More details will emerge over the coming weeks and months up to the festival, but for more information:

The Grove

Manning @ The Grove
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Last night was possibly the most enjoyable gig I've ever done... ever!. A fantastic little old pub, overshadowed by some particularly massive new buildings, and yet - it had an atmosphere which was amazing.

Manning - as an 8 piece - took up almost half the concert room, but the other half was packed to the rafters with punters... so much so that we had people standing in the hallway watching through the door.

A couple of sets including some classics and a few select tracks from the new album Number Ten went down very well, as did two encores - In My Life and Lost in Play.

Some photos are available on my flickr... they've not really been edited (as of writing) but I may go through later and give them a little spit and polish.

The Perfect World - my take on adverts.

This sign amuses me.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Sometimes adverts annoy me...

I get easily annoyed, as you know, but adverts... grrrrrrrr....

Perfect world adverts:
o The guy who beats his kid with a newspaper and then brags about how he's earning "up to £30,000 a year" working for RED driving school.

o I want to do a poo at Paul's house. Why? - doesn't your mummy wipe round the gritter enough? - no - because Paul has a clicky pushy air freshener. One of the branded ones, not the 4 for a pound specials from Poundland that smell vaguely of lemon, but somewhat of dishwasher solution.

o This advert... for a local very large housing estate full of little boxes made of ticky tacky which informs us that if you live here, as well as being saddled with a huge mortgage, you will be a young couple - the male version wearing pale coloured chino trousers with his shirt tucked in but open, whilst being cuddled by a wife wearing a little black number. You will, of co…

Missing Cat

Miranda in the bright Sunday Morning sun.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Miranda went missing yesterday. We haven't seen her virtually all day yesterday, and she hasn't shown up this morning for breakfast.

We're both quite upset as she is a very homely cat who doesn't go out for long periods.

Quick sick joke....

A fire broke out in a Basque movie theatre in Northern Spain. Unfortunately, there was only one emergency exit door, and several people were trampled.

It only goes to show that you shouldn't put all your Basques in one exit.

When you lie, it comes back on you.

And revenge will be good.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway When you tell a customer of ours that "we've gone out of business" to get their work it will backfire and you WILL lose that customers trust forever.

Rule number 1:
A strong business is about building trust with your customer.


What a week... what a week!

2/184:365 - Here, it all started.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today was Wardstock. Yay!... sorry I can't tell you any more but it's a shhhhh secret.

Earlier today, well I found the Dragon Bridge in the woods at the back of Monkwood. I couldn't believe this thing has been here since 2002 and I've never known about it. The entire area has such a nice vibe about it I may visit more. It's such a lovely area.

Finally... you won't be seeing Manning at the Studio, Hartlepool this October because we've cancelled it. It's basically a matter of greed and attitude but you don't invoice a band 4 months before a gig, then send a stroppy email about paying for it before doors open... sorry, but we're a bit above running away with the money and some things do exist on trust alone.

Finally... is my mohawk looking cool on this photo or what?