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Manning & The Muppets

Manning & The Muppets
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Normall on a Tuesday we rehearse...

Occasionally Guy sings songs in the style of Kermit the Frog...

This was one of those such occasions.

Hearing "Antares" (from The Bilston House) sung in such a style totally changes your perception of it.

Five Star's Biggest Fan

I always remember this classic 80's moment.... I actually saw this happen and remember laughing like a drain!

In other news... Facebook appears to be really broken at the moment... I would have posted this straight there, but couldn't because it kept showing an error.

Summer Nights

Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I love Summer nights, me... it's that time of year when it's warm enough to sit outside until the sun falls behind the horizon.

Tonight is particularly beautiful - a low crescent moon setting behind the trees.

It's just a shame Blur can't seem to hit the notes at all at Glastonbury - they're sounding very pub band... which is a shame as I always loved them when they were first around in the 90's.

Fifteen years, and what have I got?

I have now been in bands for fifteen years. It was the end of June 1994 when I first started rehearsing with a band. It never came to anything... does anyone's first band? I generally tossed around from pillar to post looking for something that was going to happen. Nothing did... until March 1997.

In 1997 I joined Joe Lazarus. That happened. That came to something... not a lot... but we did get a record deal, and we played the Leadmill. How many people could say that back in '97. We generally ran around like headless chickens playing any tosh little pub where the landlord had a crap night and wanted to put a band on in the vague hope that they could get some more people into their dive hole. Remember The Tut n' Shive in Doncaster? - I do. It was a dump. The stage was tiny, we were too loud, and we had to be heard above the talking, shouting, fighting, and the pissed up bird in the corner puking her last half all over her boyfriend. Happy days...???

We recorded an album, s…

A Midsummer Barbeque

And burger buns
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A happy birthday to Jamie!

A happy Midsummer to all my Pagan friends.

Photos are here (in the form of a slideshow and on flickr).

Hair Piece Fail

The hair never survived the fall. It was buried a couple of weeks later in his native Japan.

Lively parties!

dancing at the party.
Originally uploaded by spaced09 We're invited to a BBQ tomorrow night... I really do want to go because we've not been out together for ages since Hannah's operation...

Meanwhile, continuing my sick internet series and talking of parties - a strange halloween party with, strangely enough, no guests!


Yah de yah

The colour version
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I'm now blonde... and running on 7 fingers instead of the mandatory 8. It appears I have a broken pinkie finger on my left hand, but it wasn't enough to stop me getting my mohawk bleached white!

In Manning news... well... we do have some, I just can't say, so I suppose I'll have to keep you hanging on in there.

I don't just do selfies!

Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I know a few people have commented to me about the number of self portraits I do... well just for your information I am attempting to capture 1000 self portraits in 1000 days... one a day... possibly, I may carry on after that time, possibly I may now - who knows.

I did snap this photo yesterday and it's had some beautiful comments - I can understand why, she really is such a cute little cat...

Finally - why does my little finger on my left hand hurt so much at the moment?

Opinionated, Moi?

Apparently I'm opinionated... just like I was 8 years ago.

No shit.

... and the person who wrote this still can't play the drums, so he's right. Nothing does change.

Why Growing up with Trifles?

Notice the name change of my blog?

Well I lived most of my childhood in Rawmarsh (and still live there now) and learnt that having Northern Dairies (Dale Farm) and later Northern Foods in the area led to everyone in the area knowing someone who worked there.

The factory shop meant that every single party, gathering, sunday dinner, or breakfast everyone in Rawmarsh ate bloody trifle!... (or yoghurts...)

The stuff got so boring and it took me years to get back into eating them (but only proper trifles, not those nasty non vegetarian ones which aren't real trifles).

I really hope I don't know this person...

When I find a page on Youtube that even grosses someone like me out, then that is possibly the lowest point the internet has reached...

What is worse, as someone from the Rock Music scene (originally) and to see this guy's interests are rock music, I just wonder if he ever saw us at JB's, Dudley in my Crimes of Passion days... more to the point did he stand farting and filming it?

eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww...................... grim.


Close Focus with a nice bokeh
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway We're still here, although I've had a pretty awful run of the last couple of days because of the weather. Mending stuff that didn't like the rain, basically.

Why are we all terrified of the same happening again as happened not quite 2 years ago?

Meanwhile... when you pass a poppy field looking this magnificent how can you not take a photo?

The floods are a startin' again...

The Chuffin' M1
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today worried many... massive rainstorm, rain still falling.

I wonder if we'll still be here tomorrow?

People are strange, when you're a stranger.

This song's lyrics are very true. It featured on the film The Lost Boys and I occasionally identify with it.

On Friday I had a Mohawk hair cut in preparation for the Manning gig on Saturday at the Peel, London.

Since having the hair cut, I have noticed something. People who you approach seem very distant, until you actually open your mouth and then they are much more forward than they would be if I didn't have the cut... and around 50% of people actually comment on the hair after the initial fear.

Please, remember that the trouble with first impressions is that you only get to make one of them.

The gig at The Peel was absolutely awesome... and I'm sorry to say that those of you who didn't/couldn't/couldn't be arsed to come missed an absolute stormer...

The problem is, you see, again - the problem with first impressions is you only get to make one of them. The first time I saw Manning (before I was in the band) I thought ho hum, another prog band. Since I joine…

What a day!

2/156:365 - Mohawk!
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Firstly Hannah has had another operation today. She is home, but poorly.

Secondly, I've had a bit of an extreme haircut! - Yes, a full on mohawk...

Finally, I'm going to bed early because of the above two!... losing half of my hair takes the strain on me.

Manning at the Peel on Saturday

Yep... reminder for all of you in the London area this Saturday, not only is it Manning's first ever venture to the big smoke, but it's also my first London gig in 18 months so it would be nice to see some of you over at the Peel showing a little bit of support.

The Peel is here.

A Question of Frequency

Peter Nicholls (IQ)
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I finally got a copy of Frequency yesterday and have spent most of last night and today listening to it.

I must say it's not the best IQ album... in all honesty, it has the raucheousness of the early material with a little bit of the spit and polish of the later stuff, but it's no Ever for me.

Frequency is superb as a track, and Stronger than Friction pleases me very much - sort of IQ does happy happy joy joy (although perhaps not as happy happy joy joy as Sold on You and the various other wiffle from "Are You Sitting Comfortably?").

Ryker Skies is also nice, but doesn't seem to go anywhere... I feel it needs another section, but for me the high point - epic pompous prog at it's finest - the magnificent The Province. Just marvellous... but watch the Genesis sections... careful people will talk ;-)

The rest still hasn't grown on me as of yet, and Closer does feel a bit formulaeic, almost prog by num…