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Oh for the f**king love of god!

(P0956) Nurse Charlotte will see you now
Originally uploaded by Charlotte Sherwood It's Sunday Morning... I'm having a quick look round my friends pics on Flickr when this pops up in the "most interesting from all of flickr" box which always seems to appear at the bottom of every browse page...


It's downright creepy!... the face... look at the face... it's like something Stephen King would write about... Nurse Charlotte... she creeps into your ward at night and then slashes your throat, before going back to the nurses station and apologising into Mummy, a dessicated corpse propped up on a skeleton stand in the back of an oxygen store.

Oh who is the sickest puppy of them all?

A boring Friday night...

2/078:365 - The Photographer released
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I'm currently experiencing what could be the most boring Friday night for ages... and I'm loving it!

I'm currently listening to It Bites' album The Tall Ships, drinking Budweiser, and eating crisps.

Ah this is the life. Livin' the dream.

As for the photo? - well I've reinstalled MSN on my PC and this is my profile picture. I really like this picture as I think the light is sympathetic and it's really slimming!

Big day

Minor tap in Rotherham
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A very eventful day today...

Firstly - I'm officially suffering from Anxiety. Apparently... mainly because I'm getting too little me time and spending too much time worrying about things that shouldn't concern me. I've decided that my Open University course must go on hiatus till I can get my head around it and the other things in my life.

Secondly - why, when people have minor collisions and small accidents involving dented body panels and scraped paint do they INSIST on leaving the vehicles on the right hand lane of a major dual carriageway, on the exit point from a roundabout? (see photo). Thankfully, the police came very quickly, and after what appeared to be quite heated words, both cars were moved very swiftly to a safer location. Perhaps they expect the police to close the entire dual carriageway and perform a full accident investigation just in case they decide to fake whiplash... and DON'T get …


Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I saw this and thought of Piotr... Edamski... so stereotypically Polish in name. It's a bit like adding "Boyo" to the end of a welsh word...

Well it pleased me anyhow.

Whoopee for the Weekend

We have tea, and we have hippy tea.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A strange week has just finished... a very busy one next week.

I finished the week at a certain Sheffield nightclub... (a very good one at that) and "volunteered" to make tea... I duly found "Hippy Tea" in the cupboard.

I didn't open it, dreading what it could actually be in there, but I did have to take a picture of it as it did amuse me.

When motorways go bad...

The M62 - a ghost motorway
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Pardon my English and the poor grammar used (in this very Americanised title) but this photo shows the M62, late rush-hour, last night.

As you can see... it's dead.

Sadly, so are two people who were killed in the morning rush hour about 1 mile on from where the vanishing point is on my photo.

The BBC's news report on the crash is here.

Last night I had to queue for approximately 40 minutes down a road which usually takes me about 3 minutes to travel down. Thankfully I knew a lot of back roads and once the main (and only) route had been used I could then drop onto the smaller less known routes and managed Batley to Leeds in about 15 minutes.


Apparently, the Silhobbit post is supposed to be full of Irony.

Irony... is that like Goldy, Silvery, Platinumy and Carbony?

Is Shity an element because it bloody well should be...

Why are some people so full of sh*t?

I was amused to read today on Silhobbit:
What Else?

With Martin Hudson retiring from the fantastic lifetime of work he has put into Progressive Rock at the Classic Rock Society we pay tribute to his achievements.

Nobody (with the exception of myself) has done more for prog than Hudson. With the help of a few others he kick started the scene by introducing concerts, the Wondrous Stories fanzine, and events.

For the bands it was their only outlet, for the music lovers it was their only hope of seeing the music they love performed live.

Now that he has gone I claim the prog-crown as my own. has also been pivotal in rejuvenating the scene. We are proud to’ve "found" the likes of Mick Pointer and brought him back to music. We are proud to have discovered lots of bands ahead of the CRS.

But it is not about rivalry it is about the music that we love. It will be interesting to see how the Good Ship CRS sails without its experienced captain. Often mutiny rears its ugly head a…

Of bespoke suits... and 40" waistlines!

2/136:365 - Rainy Day
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today I had the strangest experience of my life - I was offered a pair of trousers made bespoke after I did a really good job for someone totally transforming his shop with absolutely no repainting just by changing a few lights, changing the fluorescent tubes, and fitting a few choice positioned halogens. He was overwhelmed how much cleaner it looked and we struck a deal - he would make me a pair of trousers and a waistcoat.

Well today I went to get measured. Some of my measurements struck me as a little bizarre, but like he told me - most people apparently buy trousers with a waist that is 2 to 4" TOO SMALL and then wear them under their belly.

Yes I'm a 40" waist! - REALLY! - no shit. I always felt comfortable in 38's and occasionally 36's, although more usually the former. God it's depressing to think that!

The choice of material? - Moleskin. I know it sounds a little strange, but the guy in ther…

Rotherham Rocks Night 2

Well you'll be pleased (or disappointed) to know that Rotherham Rocks 2009 is about 15ish minutes away from completion.

10 bands, 2 days... not quite 12 bands, 2 days, but damned hard work. I'm really pleased how it's gone. All the bands have worked really well together in what is a really demanding festival environment which allows us to get so much done in so little time.

I would like to thank Kyrb Grider, Beckonsale, Crimes of Passion, Haze, The Dreaming Tree, Kramer, DeeExpus & Final Conflict. I would also really love to thank Threshold for being so understanding with what it entailed and being so considerate with their set-up, and finally would like to thank Pendragon (Nick Barratt, Clive Nolan, Pete Gee and Scott Higham) who have been great to work with. I did threaten to Ebay Scott's drum kit, but bottled out at the last minute because he threatened my hair with violence.

Now if only I could get Pendragon's sound engineer to pull it back a bit - that bass i…

Rotherham Rocks Night 1

Manning @ The Wesley
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I'm already knackered from the first event... 5 bands... fast changeovers... and all the associated arse kicking and finding wayward band members who don't realise just how critical timings are if you don't want to upset your headliners takes a real toll on you physically and mentally.

Today, I may disappear off somewhere into a darkened room, burn incense, meditate, and pray it is all over very soon... or perhaps I could just stop booking 2 dayers?

I can't quite figure out our cats. Cats are weird. They woke me up at 6:30am for playtime... patting my face, yomping all over me, and generally being cute with an annoying and sinister "I'd eat your liver if you were dead" streak, and now??? all asleep. Fast on.

I may pat them in the face and yomp all over them shortly.

If I arrive at Rotherham Rocks Day 2 all scratched and scarred, you'll know they didn't appreciate it.

It's all just a question of balance.

2/126:365 - Finely balanced.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today has been a weird day, work went OK, but then for some reason I finished half an hour earlier than I'd estimated. Not sure why because I did the same job all day I've been doing for ages without issue... no problems at any of them... just seemed to do the work really quickly.

When passing a regular site I pass on the way home I saw a dramatic sky and wooden post... it had to be done - and here you go - today's photo. I actually edited it at the site and uploaded it thanks to the wonders of modern technology (ok, my 3 dongle).

This afternoon I feel like listening to IQ... not IQ as we know them, but the really weird version with Paul Menel and Tim Esau on bass (who in my opinion... was damn good - sorry John, but I just prefer his style).

Tonight? who knows what that will bring. I may try video uploads from my laptop to flickr as I'm feeling like starting my video blog back up but for some reason f…

Hawking around?

Our across the road neighbour came across this morning - it appears he had some sort of bird of prey stuck and tangled in a tree behind his house.

When Hannah and I got over there we found a Harris Hawk, complete with jessies and ring, had become tangled in a hawthorn tree.

We managed to cut some branches around the hawk and rescued it.

The poor thing is now at the vets being cared for and hopefully will be returned to it's owner at some point in the next few days.

Off topic:

Why don't itunes allow me to remove the DRM from my existing purchased tracks?

God it's annoying my tits off now....

Meanwhile, todays's 365 days picture involved me dragging out the old silver PVC trousers. Now I remember why I don't wear PVC trousers any more... they're hot, sweaty, and they get very smelly!

They do look rather cool though, especially when composited into a really superb background in a sorta turn of the last century/Gothic way.

I did a lot of work on this one (and disc…

New roller coaster

I saw this by email and thought WOW!

This looks superb. You probably know I love scary roller coasters - the scarier the better - but I think many people may have reached the limit of their tolerance with this one judging by the following picture:

Either the bloke on the right is wearing leather trousers, or he's REALLY REALLY wee'd himself. I suspect the former (credit to him - not enough straight men wear leather trousers). I do!