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Manning is the future

2/116:365 - Manning is the future
Originally uploaded by .oO umopapisdn Oo. I've decided that I need to spread myself less thin, and as such, I will be cutting down on my CRS work and concentrating more on Manning.

Is this a good thing?

Perhaps not for the CRS - which is a damn shame as it is a cause I love and support wholeheartedly. I'll still be around, it's just I need to make more me (and my wife) time, but the CRS always needs helpers at gigs and of late it's fallen on me to be there at every gig which isn't doing me any good at all.


My health hasn't been great of late for various reasons and I think I do need to slow down a little. This is my way of doing that.

In other news:
Manning's gig last night - awesome. Amazing. What more can I say?

Just as a note... you seen this? - I am writing for it from time to time because it keeps the CRS site cleaner and means people wanting CRS news find just that. It's a shame blogger doesn't support some of t…

Spectrapaint V3.0

2/109:365 - The Eyes Have It
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I really cannot believe I found this software. I originally wrote it in the early 1990's and released it freeware.

You can download it at, although you'll need an emulator like UAE to run it.

Bank Holidays without the traffic

2/103:365 - A day out
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I hate Bank Holidays... not because they're days off, but because every idiot on the planet gets in their car and traipses half way down the country to visit Alton Towers, Warwick Castle* or such overcommercialised places.

Hannah and I looked through the English Heritage guide and found two nice places, fairly local, quiet non-major roads to get to them, and managed to see both and be back home within 6 hours...

Gainsborough Old Hall - a beautiful 15th Century hall complete with Great Hall, Medieval Kitchens, and many bedchambers and other rooms - complete with later added wing and 17th Century ballroom.

Gainsthorpe Medieval Village - not a lot to see at this one, but the field contains ruts and ridges indicating the locations of many buildings. Once a large village, now totally abandoned and just visible as bumpy fields.

A great day... and better than going to Warwick Castle*

*I'm ranting about Warwick Castle because.…

Cutting back

2/096:365 - Cutting back
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway In these times of prudence and cutbacks, I thought it was a good time to cut back on my bandwidth by getting rid of some contacts on flickr who I never actually pay attention to (and they never pay attention to me either).

The question is, should I do Facebook next?

Apparently... I don't update enough!

2/095:365 - The Mediaeval Season a' Cometh!
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway A certain friend of mine who lives in Grenoside (and knows who he is) has requested I update my blog more... apparently, I just don't update it enough.

Well, in the news - has now been claimed (after sending in passport, ID, etc.) and I should be able to point it pretty soon.

Meanwhile, Manning gigged (again, twice). Both supporting Magenta. The first was good, the second not so. Sound on the second one was the biggest issue for me - I just couldn't hear myself. I may have to arrange my own amplifier for future gigs as when I use the upright bass it can be really bad.

What else? - Well... Neil Campbell Collective have pulled out of Rotherham Rocks. My old band, Crimes of Passion, stepped in and turned it into more of a rock event. Here's hoping tickets start shifting soon as it is... disappointing to say the least. Saturday, thankfully, is doing better.