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Bad two days...

2/021:365 - Ill
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Grrrr... I broke my camera (insured thankfully) and it's had to go in to be repaired.

Now to add insult to injury I have Norovirus and daren't go too far away from the toilet.

Both ends... really...


Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway This happened ages ago, but a recent TV advert made me find it out again.

Last February I was playing around with Google image labeller - it pits you against a random partner from around the world.

I was pitted against an american and asked to identify an outline which was obviously the former Soviet Union and a few other countries alongside it. I recall tagging it USSR, Asia and Soviet Union.

My partner? - Europe, Atlas... and to cap it all America is Better.

... obviously not at Geography, thinking that is Europe ...

Feeling much better

2/018:365 - A leap of faith
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've had a weekend of de-stressing and hope to continue the same way...

Thanks to those of you who have shown concern and have sent me messages of goodwill.

I'm really not well.

2/014:365 - ECG
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today I had a bad health scare.

Driving down Piccadilly road in Swinton I suddenly felt very unwell. I left arm was sore and I couldn't breathe properly.

I managed to pull in, call 999, and within 5 minutes I had an ambulance and paramedic with me.

It appears I've had a possible panic attack triggered by something they can't quite put their finger on. I don't know what to think and I'm quite concerned that this happened - I'm only 35 for fucks sake!

I have a GP appointment in the morning and have been recommended for angina screening.

BOTY Awards... phew!

The BOTY Awards were last night and phew what a night... arrival at 1:30 and leaving at 12:30 after a full day's work takes some doing. The crew and CRS staff did really well, we made money (so you'll be seeing more gigs again this year!) and the bands went down a storm. Over 300 people were in the venue for the evening and the social in the corridor after the gig was great.

I've posted my photos as a slideshow, but you can get them on flickr if you want and have a better look there.

Me + Bass, a study in colour

2/008:365 - Back to Bassics
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I decided today's 365 portrait would be in colour. I also decided that it should be me and my bass.

The new 365 group don't really know yet about my musical leanings so I thought perhaps I would drop them into it gently for when I do actually post a gig photo.

We have a new gig added to our list now - another Elektrik one - 6th June at The Peel in London. I hope you can make it to one of the forthcoming gigs, but if not, at least buy the album from The Manning Website

The Follies

It's just over a year since I was approached by Dave Winstanley asking me to help with the design of his CD cover. Since buying my DSLR it was my first real attempt at using it in any form of commercial means and I jumped at the chance.
First of all it was the name of the album that inspired me... Follies. What better name for the Rotherham area than Follies, after all the Wentworth Estate is absolutely filled with weird and wonderful architecture, none of which seems to serve any purpose except to show just how much money was wasted at the time.
Dave suggested the theme based around The Hound of the Baskervilles... I agreed and I suggested a visit to Hoober Stand for some of the photos, and perhaps using some local stones - originally positioned to deter people driving in the woods - to act as his suggested hillside.
Dave arrived dressed up in black as I suggested to create that gothic look, and we ventured up to the site and I started taking pictures, and the final result... well, …

CRS Follies photoshoot

CRS Follies Photo 1
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've taken the photos today for Dave Winstanley's CRS Follies (one is shown adjacent this item). The album artwork has started to take shape and the mastering is now well under-way.

The photos were taken in colour with the camera set to manual mode. Exposure times from 1/8" to 1/30" with the F ratio at 22 to make sure the tower and Dave were both in focus.

Flash mounted on separate tripod to left of camera. Slave flash on right hand side on mini tripod set to 1/32 to create some specular lighting on his leather trousers. The exposure was taken at ISO100 to reduce the noise on the image as it possibly will be used quite large.

The colour image was then processed in Digikam linux with the contrast being increased and the brightness decreased slightly. The image was then converted to greyscale with a sepia filter run to give it that old fashioned look.

I'm incredibly pleased with the results.

No longer confined to "The Box"

2/003:366 - No longer confined to "The Box"
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway One year ago yesterday I first mentioned to my close family that I had had enough of the band Crimes of Passion. They were booking massive tours, but not tours I would think of as particularly well suited to the band or even beneficial. They toured Europe for 4 weeks in June/July but I wouldn't say it's been the most successful tour ever, and next years tour in February doesn't interest me at all.

I wasn't feeling as if I could let my talent flow as a musician, as if I was working within the box. I wasn't feeling as if I was appreciated as a person - as if I was just the "one who knew how to fix everyone's computers" or "the one who doesn't get drunk at gigs so can drive until 4am and won't whinge".

Today I did a clear out of my old life. I went through my T-Shirt drawer and consigned all my old tour t-shirts to the duster bag save for one 2…

Hard Lighting

2/002:365 - Half
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today's self portrait is an experiment with hard lighting.

Two flashes on this one - on to the right of the camera set on 1/64 (covered with a snood) with one on the right hand side of the image hard to the right of me set on 1/8 to give that harsh flash.

The image was taken against my black pop-up background and then the curve was pulled hard to eliminate all dark greys and pull all the bright whites down slighly.

It's worked, I think.

Look Around You - watch it whilst it's still online.

I'm not sure how long this will stay online before the copyright chasers get to it but it's a fantastic piece of television from the BBC and is the episode of Look Around You called Music

Look Around You: Music