336:366 - I find myself walking slowly in autumn, kicking stones down some leafy English lane...I know this picture doesn't really represent snow, but we didn't have any!

However.... most of the rest of Yorkshire did!. I was supposed to go to Rochdale on a test, but didn't make it in the end so had to do other things instead after I got as far as Durker on the M1, saw the queue ahead and the snow on the hills and got a little bit scared. It wasn't great on the roads but worse still - all the idiots were out and about.

Not something you see every day...I did finish the day with a trip on the trains to York (sadly, I didn't take any photos in York as I was in a rush) however, I did see one thing on the train home... an old guy got on the train from Doncaster to Swinton who was wearing leather trousers. Naturally... I did what any normal person would and sneaked a photo using my pocket PC (hence the really crap quality).

I also now have a flash hood (looks like a shower cap) - hopefully I can mute the flash a little in the close up pictures... I really hope it works. Now all I need is a small bean bag...