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IQ @ The Bury Met and other news...

Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway In no particular order here... well actually... the IQ review is first because that's the bit you want to read:

IQ at the Bury Met - 29/11/08
A trip to Bury for me... something I don't do often - going OUT to see bands, but I broke the rule and went to see IQ. Mainly I wanted to try out my camera in a different venue where the rules were different - I've been spoilt with my backstage acces at the CRS and getting all the good angles - and so here I was, a punter (OK I had a guest pass and managed to get into the raised areas reserved usually for lampies and sound guys).

The proceedings started with an announcement that Pete had flu. Not man-flu, proper full blown woman-flu. You know, the one that can REALLY kill you, not just knock you back for a couple of hours. We were asked to sing along wherever possible and help him out. "OK, I'm up for that" I thought.

The band came on a couple of minutes later and cracked straight…

Recovering Nicely, Thanks.

327:366 - Recovering Nicely, Thanks.
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway In case you weren't aware before - I have been in hospital yesterday for a complicated tooth root removal operation.

The entire episode started with a root canal filled tooth (filled by the butcher of rotherham who was struck off and imprisoned for his dodgy work a few years ago). The root was improperly filled and an infection started at the bottom of it, however, since the nerve was destroyed in the root canal work I couldn't feel anything going amiss.

The first I knew was when the crown worked loose and caused a smell which could kill dogs at 40 paces.

My dentist recommended me on to the hospital, and I opted to go private to get it sorted quicker and with less possible secondary damage (both to my mouth, and to my tongue which was becoming very sore due to the sharp edges of the broken tooth pieces).

Yesterday I was operated on by Dr. Smith and had the tooth removed and all the ick from underneath c…

Ahead of my time?

055:366 - Not the Rock Star I was
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway It seems that according to the popular fashion gurus and newspaper articles leather trousers are "coming back into fashion" both for men and women...

Did they ever go out in my wardrobe?

I thought this picture would go well because:

1. I like it!

2. I'm meeting up with Crimes of Passion tomorrow to do some business stuff... of course the joke of a contract has never been mentioned since and I'd prefer it stays that way (I still have a copy... but I'll never sign it in it's current state).

3. When I took it in late February this year I couldn't have believed what was going to have changed through the year.

I'm optimistic for the future, but have a healthy amount of caution.

Also, from Friday I may be a little bit incommunicado as I will be having a fractured tooth root removed and the underlying abscess drained and cleaned and will be suffering the effects of a general anaesthetic for…

Crossing new bridges.

321:366 - Two Roads
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I have never crossed this bridge before, but I feel like I have crossed hundreds similar.

Things happen from time to time and they are sent to try us, but if we are strong we will pull through and they will be better.

In April this year I would not have believed I would have still been on speaking terms with Crimes of Passion right now, but after some heated emails and some quite nasty things I have decided that life is too damn short to argue and since I get my recognition for the album anyway, what's the big problem?

A big update...

I've not been around much for the last week. I have excuses and they're really good ones this time (not that my excuses aren't always good).

1. Of gigs...
Last Weekend (Sunday) we had a gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston. It was good. Drummer, Danny Rhodes, decided earlier this year he was quitting and so this was his last gig.

2. Of Teeth... (GORY - Skip to 3 if you don't want to read)
I had a bit of a mouth accident a week or so ago. A crown I have had for years (courtesy of the Rotherham Butcher Dentistry Practice - otherwise known as Ed Jackson - now struck off) had been poorly fitted and decay had got into the underneath of it. The problem is the tooth has been root filled, so no pain was noticed and the first I knew was when a nasty smell and then loss of the crown a couple of days after.

It turns out I have had an abscess under there for quite a long time now but because the nerves had gone couldn't feel it. The swelling has pushed the crown off and the centre of the …

Explain this away... psychologists.

I had a REALLY WIERD dream last night and I thought I'd write it down for you all.

I was called in to service a fire alarm at a building. It was sort of like a working men's club or a social club... which is pretty OK. HOWEVER it was on a tiny rugged island and the only way across was by chain ferry.

I caught the ferry, and went and sorted the fire alarm out, but can't remember anything else EXCEPT that it was really vivid and I have been there before. The imagery was so strong and the scenery was familiar.

I was thinking perhaps Lindesfarne, but the chain ferry bit doesn't figure... it would have to be somewhere in Scotland but I've hardly been to much of Scotland.

My brain hurts now... and I'm confuzzled...

307:366 - The Eleventh Earl of Mar

307:366 - The Eleventh Earl of Mar
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I've started a little challenge on the 366of2008 group...

For this I will be taking pictures relating to each of the tracks on the Wind and Wuthering album by Genesis.

Here's my first one... Track 1 : The Eleventh Earl of Mar

Path to where? Who knows...

Path to where? Who knows...
Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I love the colours on this one. Absolutely no editing at all!

Pendragon + Magenta at the Montgom

Playing around with new toys... I found this:

Created with Admarket'sflickrSLiDR.

Contraversy... ooooh we don't get that at the CRS often

Last nights Pendragon gig was brilliant... they played some of their classics and did them very well, although I must disagree with Nick on some of his thoughts on other bands. I actually don't think IQ are derivative and the last album Dark Matter is not prog by numbers... it's a bloody good album which marked a return to their roots with the harder keyboard sounds.

Sorry, Nick, but "Believe"... that was prog by numbers... I mean FFS "as the first snowfalls fell... the toys in the window cast their spell". Could you be any more formulaic? It's a damn good song and it ticks all the boxes, but you can't sit in the same room as me and say no-one else is progressing... and meanwhile, I haven't heard Pure yet so I can't base these comments on hearing that album, but based on what I heard at the gig, it's a definite meh from me. The songs are good, they'll sell, they have a darker edge, but it's still not exactly gone through the massi…